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The Ketamine Fund Donates 400 Free Treatments To Veterans

2020-09-21 03:27:03 Health and Fitness


Ketamine therapy for depression is the new frontier in the treatment of mood disorders and chronic pain. Point Ketamine specializes in customizing treatment plans based on the clients needs and condition as part of the overall treatment and recovery of depression. They has been recognized by the FDA, National Institute of Mental Health,
Yale University, Cleveland Clinic and other leading institutions as a breakthrough
treatment for depression with instant benefits for stopping suicidal ideation.
The Ketamine Fund's first-of-its-kind pilot program is being administered at Ketamine
SLC by Robert Hiemstra, MD. Dr. Hiemstra, a national leader in providing ketamine
treatment to veterans, stated, "I am thrilled to be working with The Ketamine Fund to
advance their mission and provide treatment now to those who need it most." Hiemstra
continued, "I have personally treated hundreds of veteran patients I know the powerful
impact ketamine has. I also know that the cost is something that many veterans struggle
to afford:' The mission of this Fund is to 'save lives by stopping suicides'. They
announced a donation of 400 free ketamine treatments to veterans in Utah suffering
from suicidal ideation caused by PTSD, depression and addiction.
"People are struggling and our families and communities are being torn apart. Ketamine
can stop the suffering," said Mike "Zappy" Zapolin, Co-Founder of The Ketamine Fund.
Warren Gumpel, Co-Founder of The Ketamine Fund, added, "As a ketamine patient

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