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Sanrai shop is introducing two new pain management Techniques for a Healthier New Year

2020-09-24 03:37:24 Health and Fitness


A new year has dawned. Most of us are together with our families to celebrate a whole year of prosperity and good health! With the hopes of warmth coming our way from spring, we can hope for a healthier, happier 2020.
The coming treatment regimens in India, Sanrai Med introduces two new pain management techniques that will help you welcome the new year with a smile.

Back Pain Therapy

Our first new offering year, however, comes with two new reasons to rejoice! Sanrai Med understands the problems of those with these chronic pain management needs. Being a proponent of non-invasive and non-addictive pain is a revolutionary device that helps with our sedentary lifestyles of today and those suffering from chronic back pain. Powered by the groundbreaking TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation therapy, the Witouch Pro ( is a Bluetooth enabled pain management device that is non-invasive, painless, and extremely effective in providing lasting relief from chronic back pain on-the-go. Designed for the lifestyle of today, the WiTouch Pro is a discreet, battery-operated wireless device that can be controlled using your smartphone. This device relieves pain using mild electrical pulses that are delivered directly to your skin which stimulate your body's natural pain relievers called endorphins. This device can easily be worn while working or when at home.

Pain Relief Therapy

Our next new offering is a revolutionary rapid cooling pain relief therapy called Physicool ( Ice packs and frozen gel pads have been used to treat inflammation and pain relief for years. However, as winter sets in, it becomes difficult for most patients to use ice packs or frozen gel pads to relieve pain. Enter Physicool. Physicool relieves pain using cooling bandages that work on a simple principle – evaporation. These bandages draw heat out of an injury quickly to cool tissues down and promote healing instead of applying a frozen pack to reduce the temperature. Physicool works by promoting rapid evaporation at the injury site to quickly lower temperatures and provides deep, lasting relief. Unlike gel packs or ice packs, Physicool can be used for extended periods of time with no risk of cold/ice burns or chills caused by the application of an external cold source.

We hope that these two new revolutionary products will help you through the cold winter season and usher in a pain-free 2020. Sanrai shop is committed to your health and well-being and wishes you a speedy recovery and a healthy, happy new year!


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