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Juice Krate Media Group, LLC Is Proud to Announce “Juice Krate: ON TOUR

2020-09-15 08:46:53 Business


DECEMBER 5th, 2019,Juice Krate Media Group, LLC is proud to announce “Juice Krate: ON TOUR!” Featuring live interactive performances by popular TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube personalities & influencers - including Jeremy Hutchins, Flamingeos (Juwany Roman), Kio Cyr, Zachary Smith, Terin Sottile, and many more! With this tour, Juice Krate will travel to over 14 different cities with live shows taking places throughout February, 2020. 

Tens of millions of fans will follow the tour online - through photo & video content, social messaging and live streaming. General admission tickets for “Juice Krate: ON TOUR!” dates are now on sale for $25 at

“I’m super pumped to be working with these creators to help bring Juice Krate’s first tour to life!” said Juice Krate President & CEO, Michael Weist. “They are the key to the next generation of the online and digital industry. These stars influence so many people with their content, and they have this unrivaled ability to empower fans & connect people who follow their every move. Not only do we get to connect these creators with their fans, but we are able to give supporters their chance to connect with their daily inspiration and source of entertainment. Our talent’s profiles & pages average millions of views and their channels get watched 250,000-500,000 times each day – more than most TV programs. The engagement these personalities have is unprecedented - I believe this is the key to the future.”

This announcement comes just months after the release of Jawline, a Hulu original documentary staring the 23 year old Juice Krate CEO & talent manager. Weist’s years (albeit - youthful years) pioneering the ever changing landscape of the digital industry have landed him not only on the screens of Hulu, but on the pages of The LA Times, Vogue, TIME, The New York Times, Variety, GQ, & more.

Juice Krate Media Group, LLC, which operates on everything from branded content to live events, was founded in 2019 by Michael Weist, who is “one of the most successful managers in the social media space, steering the careers of Youtuber with millions of followers” - according to The Los Angeles Times. Juice Krate has collaborated with several top tier brands and partners (including Fashion Nova, Curology, Disney, Warner Brothers, Insomniac, & more) over the past year, making an indelible mark in the entertainment industry. Juice Krate Media Group is focused on steering influencers & helping to launch solid careers that have the ability to bridge the gap between web and the mainstream.

Follow Juice Krate on Instagram & Twitter: @JuiceKrate; #JuiceKrateTour.

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