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LUXURY GOODS SLASHED DOWN BY A MASSIVE 50% by VixenArtz, Supplier of Gifts and Treats for Allergy Sufferers

2020-06-06 05:29:04 Art & Entertainment


This is a Press Release to introduce and welcome you all to VixenArtz and to acquaint you of our philosophy and aims which are to make available to all allergy sufferers, whether mild or severe, with many safe products not easily obtainable. What we are in fact saying, “We are open for business, do come in and see what we have on offer!” We also have a 50% sale on a few luxury items.

VixenArtz established since 2009 has seen many products go through.

However, the New Theme Now, is to use the Unique, the Natural, the Healthy and the Best Anti-allergy products. This time, the shop is a result of a personal need which arose out of the experiences of a person with multiple allergies, whilst trying to shop for various items. It was becoming quite a chore. Hence, VixenArtz.

VixenArtz scours the World for any needs and wants. If there is something in particular you want to add to the catalogue, they can be contacted, and they will endeavour to source it out for you. There lies the uniqueness of VixenArtz.

From Now until 3 December, there is a 50% sale on a few luxury items easily accessible: HERE

The Items in VixenArtz Have been specially Chosen By the owner Who Has Been Diagnosed With Multiple Allergies. For instance, With What was Thought of as A Metal Allergy, resulted in all forms of Jewellery becoming taboo, Until she became aware that she Was Allergic To NICKEL. So, she only needed to keep away from alloys and keep true to pure Silver, Gold, and nothing mixed up with nickel. Hence The Collection Of 925/999 Silver Jewellery selected therein! More are being sourced and added.

Our New VixenArtz Avatar Logo recently produce by our artist in residence, Alexandra Pin, is a reflection of what we are about. The Slaying of Allergies, so as to ensure an easier path, even for instance, in a most mundane thing like choosing a scarf. Now, it is true there are people allergic to wool, noticing that switching to silk would be a far better idea. Unless if you are allergic to silk, which is quite rare…

With the Gifts And Treats For Allergy Sufferers, we now have on offer at amongst other things: 925/999 Silver Jewellery for Nickel Allergy, Pure Silk for the Skin, , Selections of Anti-Allergic Shampoos, Soaps, Men' Grooming Accessories, Shoes And Boots For Adults, Original Illustrations, Paintings And Prints, Air Purifiers& Ionizers, Adjustable Clean-Air Nebuliser Suitable For Adults And Children And more being added as necessary; it is becoming rather undeniable that with VixenArtz’ input, Living With Allergies Needs Not Be Boring anymore.

From Now until 3 December, we are having a 50% sale on a few luxury items easily accessible from the following link:

Many thanks to our Artist In Residence Alexandra Pin for the Logo
Please check the Artz section of our shop, where her works is being made available.

Email: vixen.artz ( @ ) gmail dot com

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