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Dusun Electron LTD Enhances IoT Security of IoT Products Through Smart Home Gateway

2020-07-10 08:24:28 Business


Huzhou, China 13 November 2019 - Dusun Electron Ltd., a Chinese leading kernel hardware supplier and a high-growth provider for wireless human-computer interaction solutions for the Internet of Things, enhances the security of IoT products through the smart home gateway. The company’s open-source gateways are pioneering edge computing IoT products in the world that allows the developer to make advanced applications.

Dusun’s smart gateway IoT is known for its multiple protocols compatibility and easy programming. As the IoT devices have increased, the concern of security vulnerabilities has created challenges for consumers of smart home gateways. Currently, consumers expect security and data privacy with the IoT products that they introduce into the home. To fulfill the need of security concerns of the consumer, the company develops IoT products which encounters security or connectivity issues.

Dusun Electron LTD has developed smart hubs for connecting wireless devices and sensors across models and protocols, which will help consumers using home automation securely. The company’s innovative intelligent smart IoT gateway is integrated with main protocols including Z-wave, Zigbee3.0, Bluetooth4.0, LTE, and WiFi to fulfill the security concerns in the smart home, smart energy, intelligent security, building management system or healthcare.

“Dusun is proud of it smart IoT devices and gateways, which are designed with the focus on providing maximum expediency to our customers,” said Benny Chan of Dusun. The company has created exciting solutions where IoT solution providers can connect their cloud to Dusun’s gateways, with the ability to connect up to 100 devices and sensors.

Refer to the Dusun’s website for more details of the IoT Products, sensors, detectors and certified gateway. Or feel free to contact the email: or call on +86057186796578.

About the Company:

Dusun Electron LTD., is the leading kernel hardware supplier and a high-growth provider for wireless human-computer interaction solutions that brings smart products and edge devices for IoT solution providers and developers. Dusun provides smart IoT products, including IoT gateways, IoT white label smart products like sensors and detectors, platforms integration, and voice control development. They also provide standard gateways for distributors to meet their different demands. The gateways are designed to be integrated easily, because they have integrated with plug-ins which can transfer data from and to many popular cloud platforms including Tuya, Ayla Networks, Alibaba IoT, etc. Dusun participated in the Zigbee Alliance in 2017, on the August, Dusun launched its Zigbee 3.0 certified IoT gateway which is programmable and multi-protocol. Their innovative products are widely applied in smart home, agriculture, smart energy, rental apartment, and other IoT fields.

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