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New Book Published About Disrupting the SAMR Education Technology Model

2020-07-14 11:39:44 Art & Entertainment


Education Technology author and consultant publishes new book on Tier 4 curriculum (T4c) as a new standard for wide-scale development of K12 curriculum.

Orange, California, United States., November 11, 2019 -- The SAMR model is an educational taxonomy that describes a method for incrementally improving K-12 curriculum using technology. The goal of the SAMR model is to help schools improve student learning by taking advantage of capabilities of technology in the classroom, such as WIFI, special software and student devices such as tables and laptop computers. Devised by Dr. Ruben Puentadura, the model stands for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition as a process for increasing technology integration into curriculum.

In his sixth education technology book, “From Dysfunction to Innovation in Technology:Overcoming Critical Infrastructure and Organizational Dynamics in Education” Darryl Vidal details how schools and districts can skip over the lower levels of the SAMR model and start large-scale development of technology-enabled curriculum at the top layer of the SAMR model (Redefinition) – a process Vidal has designated Tier 4 Curriculum – or T4c.

By disrupting the model defined by SAMR, Dysfunction defines the process, staffing and standards a school or district needs to be able to develop T4c on a district-wide scale. Vidal states, “Many teachers and administrators are familiar with the SAMR model but have no means or methods to aid their teachers in implementing the model. Teachers are left to their own devices to achieve the potential capabilities of educational technology systems. This limited process rarely achieves the goal of providing new curriculum that maximizes technologies such as learning management systems, content development, and collaboration tools to a whole school district. The curriculum development methodology described in Dysfunction provides a framework for integrating technology into the curriculum called the 6-C development process: Curriculum, (Common) Core, Cognition, Content, Critical Thinking and Collaboration.

Dysfunction details a plan for not only developing T4c using the 6-C methodology, but also defines the resources, skillsets, and professional development required to develop, implement and continuously improve on the curriculum developed through this process.

Bill Olien, Deputy Superintendent of Murrieta Valley Unified School District said of the new process, “Darryl’s new book is one to read and ponder. The thesis is that now is the time to have educational technology make a real difference. Too long we have seen any form of technology used in a classroom and we believe teaching and learning have improved just because we have used technology. We have had enough talk about Chromebooks, Google Docs, bits, fiber, 1:1 and VM Ware. It is time to make some substantial change in teaching and learning and not just use technology. Too often we assume teaching and learning has changed when all we have done is exchange a cheap pencil for expensive technology. We continue to play in the sandbox when we should be reaching for the stars. Darryl’s book provides a pathway for school districts to take this job seriously.”

Former School Superintendent and Education Consultant, Jeffrey Felix stated, “Once again, Darryl uses his gift of “outsight” to view educational issues in a completely unique way. Darryl has the ability to be aware of outside forces that manipulate the time and energy of all educators and uses this awareness to help us understand with an openness that is simply refreshing. Innovation requires outsight and Darryl has piqued the interest of educators with a new instructional delivery method that simplifies the learning process for students who demand personalization.”

From Dysfunction to Innovation in Technology is scheduled for release in March 2020 and is available for pre-order on Amazon.

About Darryl Vidal:
Darryl Vidal has been consulting for schools implementing technology for over 20 years. His projects include district-wide implementations of VoIP, Wireless, Data Center Virtualization, and Video Security. His primary instructional focus for over 15 years has been the ever evolving technology classroom. Mr. Vidal has developed the formal strategic planning and project management methodology known as MapIT. Darryl Vidal also provides program and project management as well as technical writing, Design Guide and Guide Specification development.

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