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New Book Seeks to Change Education Technology Curriculum Development Framework Nationwide

2020-07-12 04:10:34 Art & Entertainment


Southern California-based Ed Tech author and consultant publishes new book on Tier 4 Curriculum to elevate technology enabled lesson plans for K-12 schools.

Orange, California, United States., November 8, 2019 -- “What does all that mean?” For background, the SAMR model is an educational taxonomy that prescribes a method for incrementally evolving curriculum through technology enablement. Popularized by Dr. Ruben Puentadura, the model stands for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition as increasingly higher levels of technology integration into curriculum.

In his latest book, “From Dysfunction to Innovation in Technology” Vidal prescribes a formula schools and districts can follow to skip over the lower levels of the SAMR model and begin large-scale development of technology-enabled curriculum at the top level of the SAMR model (Redefinition) – a methodology Vidal has labeled Tier 4 Curriculum – or T4c.

By disrupting the sequential ascent up the model defined by SAMR, Dysfunction first defines the requisite infrastructure, resources and processes a school or district needs to be able to develop T4c on a district-wide scale. The book begins by detailing and defining strategies for technology innovation from both the Instructional and Technology sides of the educational organization.

Vidal states, “a school cannot implement technology-enabled curriculum without first having necessary infrastructure in place, but also the systems and organizational processes to manage and sustain the infrastructure lifecycle.

Once a school has the infrastructure and organizational structure necessary, only then can a school district begin mass production and rapid deployment of T4c.

Teachers must know what technology will be available in their classrooms, and what devices the students will have access to when lesson planning, and how best to deliver the lesson.

The curriculum development methodology described in Dysfunction provides a framework for integrating technology into the lesson to encompass cognitive factors, context, critical thinking skills and collaboration. A framework called the 6-C development process.

Dysfunction lays out the path for not only developing T4c using the 6 C methodology, but also defines the resources, skillsets, and professional development required to develop, implement and continuously improve on the curriculum developed through this process.

Jaime Casap, Google’s Global Education Evangelist and nationally renown Education advocate states, “For any school or district leader that really wants to transform their educational system, From Dysfunction to Innovation in Technology is a must read. It has the value proposition needed to create the momentum but more importantly, the book is full of step-by-step guides and implementation strategies that move transformation from theory to real practice!"

Superintendent of Cajon Valley Unified School District, Dr. David Miyashiro, a nationally recognized educator and TED talk personality says, “Darryl Vidal gives us a true roadmap inclusive of both the critical infrastructure and also the organizational dynamics of transitioning school districts to the digital age. Managing district change at this scale requires all departments and stakeholders to find common ground and common language for moving the work forward. Darryl also tackles the most important factors in Ed Tech Innovations as they relate to teaching and learning. Curriculum development and the end users involved get a front seat in this thoughtful work. This book is a must have for district leaders in any phase of technology integration.”

From Dysfunction to Innovation in Technology is scheduled for release in March 2020. Available for pre-order on Amazon.

About Darryl Vidal:
Darryl Vidal has been consulting for schools implementing technology for over 20 years. His projects include district-wide implementations of VoIP, Wireless, Data Center Virtualization, and Video Security. His primary instructional focus for over 15 years has been the ever evolving technology classroom. Mr. Vidal has developed the formal strategic planning and project management methodology known as MapIT. Darryl Vidal also provides program and project management as well as technical writing, Design Guide and Guide Specification development.

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