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ClinIntel – VISTAAR’s New Feature Addressing Global Clinical Trials

2020-07-06 11:30:25 Computer


VISTAAR, an AI enabled clinical and regulatory intelligence tool, moves ahead and introduces its new feature – ClinIntel in its attempt to address the needs in clinical trials through the management of real life scenarios.

The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a rapid change and more so because of digitization. At this point of time when organizations are looking for digital mediums offering all the necessary information related to drugs and devices, ClinIntel appears in the scene. Looking at the current global scenario and the positioning of the pharmaceutical industries, it can be easily said that a feature like ClinIntel will bring about a massive change. Utilization of technology for the accumulation and generation of wide variety of information ensure that correct and compact information gets delivered to those that are in need of it. When there is less of manual work and a system operated process to update recent details then it saves immense amount of time and money.

VISTAAR’s Clinical Trials Intelligence feature mines and visualizes information about trials, sites, sponsors, investigators, diseases, therapeutic categories and therapeutic guidelines than any free source or individual can offer. It helps to speed up decisions on clinical trial development, select trial sites, portfolio strategy and many more. It provides accesses to a wide variety of vetted, precise and integrated trial designs including targets and indications.

ClinIntel provides AI enabled global clinical trial content including disease therapy areas, actions and drug classes, inclusion criteria, endpoints, biomarkers, combination therapies, trial designs, and adverse events for compounds, biologics, and devices. VISTAAR integrates data from 50+ registries, analyze the data and provide innovative solutions for Pharmaceutical companies, CROs, Biotech Companies, Medical device companies, Biotech companies etc.


• Interlinked databases like products, medical devices, regulatory summaries etc.
• Decision making made easier through data comparison and analysis of trials.
• Time and effort saving in searching the content you need.
• Precise answers to the right questions.
• Helps to stay ahead of competitors


VISTAAR is AI driven and backed by machine learning which enhances the biopharmaceutical and regulatory data at the global level. Our services ensure that the users have a cost effective result which is compliant with the regulatory norms. It is a storehouse of regulatory norms, summaries, documents and product details offering users to search for them or to simply arrive at them. VISTAAR is developing with every passing year, broadening its arena by including all the recent changes that are being made the life sciences industry with regards to both clinical and regulatory norms at the global level.

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