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10 Foolproof Ways to Take Care of Your Car Before Hitting The Road This Monsoon

2020-08-09 04:07:52 Miscellaneous


Safeguard your car from the usual wear and tear expected in the monsoon with these ten top tips and keep your vehicle good as new.

Dreading the rain-drenched streets this upcoming monsoon to take your brand new car out for a ride? We know why that is!

Partially waterlogged streets and puddles, muck, and storm-torn leaves and twigs, rust, electrical issues, and such troubles pile up the most in the monsoons. But with our quick tips in your kitty, rainy day inconveniences for your car could be fairly minimized:

1. Fold Away the Car Cover for this Season

Put away that car covering tarpaulin because irreversible damage might be caused when it dries, making the cover stick to the hull, that might just pull away some of the paint when you uncover the sheath. It’s better to leave the car out in the open even if it rains than to risk so much damage by covering the exterior.

2. Clean Immaculately Every Day

Clean every day and every third hour if that’s possible! Rain will bring with it all the falling leaves, twigs, and gunk on the car exterior from time to time. To make sure things don’t stick in the paint on the hull, you need to up your cleaning game.

Keep a few dry cloth wipes right there on your dashboard at all times!

3. Keep Diesel and Used Engine Oil Handy for Underbody Protection

Prepare a solution of diesel and used engine oil, storing it in a handy spray bottle. If you can lightly grease the underfloor, underbody, and front suspension of your car with this spray from time to time, there won’t be any rusting to worry about.

Caution: Avoid spraying this flammable solution on the engine and exhaust pipe, because-- fire hazard!

4. Ceramic Paint Protection for the Exterior

Take care of your car by applying protective ceramic paint on the hull; it’s the best way to keep away corrosion from dampness. The ceramic painted glazed surface facilitates the pouring water to flow away instead of accumulating in puddles.

5. Apply Fast Wax by Rain-X to Prevent Oxidation

Fast wax basically performs the same function as ceramic paint in protecting the exterior of the vehicle from weather elements, only you can wax more effortlessly and completely manually, also, as frequently as you can. Rain-X fast wax is a widely recommended choice for preventing oxidation in all weathers.

6. Keep Water off the Carpets with Newspaper Spreads

Newspaper spreads are great for soaking off large puddles, in case your passengers are climbing inside completely drenched!

7. Keep the Seats Draped with Large Towels

Protect your precious leather or fiber seat covers from all the anticipated wetness by draping with large towels well beforehand.

8. Tune Up Your AC Right before the Monsoons

Take care of your car not to be ill-equipped in regulating the extra moisture inside by servicing your AC for more use than usual in this season.

9. Equip Your Car with Front and Rear Defogger

Having proper defoggers to the front and the back helps to clean out heavy condensation on the windscreen and rear glass.

10. Check Your Car Tires for Tread Depth and Cuts on the Sidewall

A good amount of tread on your tires is a must when it comes to driving in the rain. Take a metal coin and put it in each groove of the tire tread to check whether they are deep enough. In the same go, check the sidewall of the tires for bubbles or cuts. Change the tires if there are discrepancies before it gets too late.

Be safe on the roads this monsoon!


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