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Affordable Corporate Suites is Going Green to Help the Environment

2020-08-08 07:37:33 Miscellaneous


ROANOKE, Virginia, August 7, 2019: Affordable Corporate Suites is taking new and decisive steps in order to go green and do more to help the environment. With the climate emergency rising up the agenda and people around the world realizing the need for change, Affordable Corporate Suites is doing its part to reuse, reduce and recycle. They know that everyone and every business must do their part and they’re now going above and beyond to do theirs.

The first part of their efforts relates to the way in which staff are trained. Each person has to do their part in order to deliver positive change and a green future and the staff at Affordable Corporate Suites are all buying into that. They’re doing things like checking for leaking faucets and toilets, turning down heating and air conditioning in unoccupied rooms and spaces, as well as turning off lights when they’re not needed.

Employees are now encouraged to report any opportunities they notice to reduce resource consumption. The staff members are the people on the ground working for the business from day to day, meaning they understand better than anyone how to make green steps in the right direction. When they spot an example of excessive resource usage or waste, they can report it directly to the management team and action will be taken to address the problem from there.

The company has also started the process of switching to low flow or dual flush toilets, as well as installing toilet-tank fill diverters in an effort to conserve water. LED and tube lights are now used to illuminate guest rooms and entries and Energy Star appliances are being purchased wherever possible. This will save energy, as will the company’s efforts to plant trees to create shade and installing new insulation for the roofing.

All public areas will now have recycling bins that are accessible and easy to use, making it simple for people to recycle their waste rather than simply throwing it in a regular waste bin. They’ll also be providing local hazardous waste collection service via their trash company going forward.

There will be frequent checks carried out to ensure the building’s energy and water equipment are all working properly, reducing waste in the process. Energy and water usage will also be tracked and replacements of equipment will be carried out when they’re needed.

The use of plastics will be reduced by providing glass cups and ceramic mugs to guests rather than plastic cups. And old furniture and appliances will be donated to charities that can use them rather than throwing them in landfill and causing more unnecessary waste. The company is also to begin buying guest amenities and day to day supplies in bulk.

Affordable Corporate Suites is ambitious and clear in its efforts to become an environmentally friendly and green hotel going forward. The changes it’s making are comprehensive and aim to make the company one of the greenest in the area.

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