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TIMETOSAVEMakes Energy Efficiency Improvements to Households under VEU Rebate Scheme in Australia

2020-06-02 05:04:02 Business


Meldura, September 2, 2019:With the intention to help VEU Rebate Scheme in Australia reach every household in Victoria, TIMETOSAVEis making all efforts to replace high-power consuming incandescent lights and fluorescent bulbs with LED lights free of cost, in effect making energy efficiency improvements in each house.
TIMETOSAVEis an expert LED lights installer in Victoria. We propose all households to make a shift to LED residential lighting not only because VEU Rebate Scheme is most popular energy-saving initiative by the Australian Government but also because the lighting helps save up to 80 percent of electric energy than tradition lights.
In conventional light bulbs such as incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and CFL, maximum electricity is wasted as heat when bulbs are lighted. LED lights are a viable solution because there is no wastage of electricity as heat, which means the LEDs save over 80 percent energy in caparison to the lighting used conventionally.
TIMETOSAVEinstalls free LED lights as replacement to the traditional bulbs - making energy efficiency improvement to each household benefiting under the VEU Rebate Scheme in Australia.
The VEU Rebate Scheme is a Victorian Government initiative to encourage and promote energy efficient technology in both residential as well as commercial setups. Under the VEU Scheme Government provides financial incentives for switching to more energy efficient products and practices.

Energy efficiency is referred to amount of energy required to provide light – since LED lights require less power for equal illumination (even more in cases) by incandescent, halogen and CFL bulbs – with replacement of these high power consumption products with energy-efficient LED products, TIMETOSAVEmakes tremendous energy efficiency improvements in homes.
According to market surveys and reports, the global LED lighting market is projected to grow to $54.28 Billion by the end of 2022. This projection is majorly attributed to benefits LED lighting has over incandescent and florescent lights, and the environmental benefits it offers.


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