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MCI Launches Foundation Course For MBBS Students

2020-11-03 05:33:14 Education


The medical profession is known to be a noble and honorable profession. It is impressive to see how the Indian government is constantly working on improving the medical education system of the country.

Recently a piece of news came up stating that MCI has launched a foundation course for the MBBS students across the country. We often assume that students will acquire some basic communication skills and professionalism during their course, however, it is essential to formally train these fundamental concepts to the students. The purpose of this foundation course is to inculcate these basic concepts to the students. As a part of this course, students will also learn about disability rights, disability etiquettes and addressing people with disabilities along with social models of disability.

The ethical module is merged with the curriculum as well, keeping in mind the nature of the profession where doctors face ethical dilemmas frequently. It was considered necessary to train young doctors to develop strong ethical values in them.

Local language training will also be given to students. As we all know, communication is the key to good treatment, hence it is very important to have clear communication between the doctor and the patient. This will help the doctors to carry out the communication process between the doctor and the patient efficiently. Students nowadays move across states and countries for education and jobs. Being proficient in local language is mandatory to understand the diseases people suffer from without which treatment is impossible. Understanding the importance of local language training, the training period could be extended beyond the duration of the foundation course as well, as per the need of the student.

The course also includes field visits to communities and major health care centers along with interaction with the workers and the patients and their families. This is more like a case study project where students would get an opportunity to explore more about the locality know about diseases that affect the people of that area.

A separate module on sports and extracurricular activities has also been introduced into the foundation course which has allowed 4 and 2 hours for sports and extracurricular activities per week respectively. This would enhance the understanding of work-life balance among students, which is another essential part of anyone’s life.

As general citizen of the country, these skills seem absolutely basic to us. On thinking from a perspective of a student I can say that this foundation course is indirectly appears to be a form of practical experience for a student which would be beneficial to him in his professional life in the future. This is indeed an incredible step taken by the government. The Indian government is showing drastic improvement in the educational sector which is really impressive. We are no less than the foreign universities anymore.

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