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Vindaloo VoIP Announced to Offer Multi Tenant Video Conferencing Solution

2020-01-16 11:47:48 Computer


Vindaloo VoIP Solutions Pvt. Ltd, more popularly known as Vindaloo VoIP, is a leading IT company. The spokesperson of the company announced to offer a multi tenant conferencing solution to its customers. It is a video conferencing solution that comes with tenant support. The company has used cutting edge technologies to develop this conferencing software.

As per the shared details, this multi tenant video conferencing solution can be used by all different industry verticals to arrange:
• Conferences
• Product demos
• Prospect meetings
• Webinars
• Remote training
• Coaching sessions
• Board meetings
• And more

As per the shared details, this multi tenant video conferencing solution is renowned for its crystal clear voice quality and high definition video. It supports multiple participants and can be used for business or educational meetings.

The spokesperson of the company shared a list of features available in this multi tenant video conferencing solution which is listed as below:
• Phonebook
• PIN-based conferences
• PINless conferences
• Call management
• Dial out
• Conference creation
• Entry chime
• Exit chime
• Live poll
• Conference recording and playback
• Conference scheduler
• Active speaker display
• Contact book
• Live conference view (LCV)
• Mail notification
• Reports
• And more

“The companies have started working with remote teams now. They also hire international team members. These members work remotely or from dispersed locations, but they have to work in coordination with each other. The traditional communication mechanisms are limited in terms of features as well as they are expensive. The free resources often give low quality communication which is definitely not a good idea to pursue. With our years of experience in unified communication and business communication solution development, we have developed a ready to use conferencing software, VinConf. It is a perfect video conferencing solution for any company”, shared spokesperson of the company.

He further added, “The companies usually have multiple branches or remote agent models. Some of them also have partners and international vendors. To help them all building the best collaborative environment, we have launched the multi tenant conferencing software solution.”

As per the shared details, the company provides the best customer support to make sure the clients of the company can make full use of the system provided to them. The multi tenant video conferencing solution, VinConf, is one of the major offerings of the company. To cater its customers, the company provides demo, installation, training, and support services.

The company also has a webpage that gives all details about this multi tenant video conferencing solution.

About Vindaloo VoIP Solutions Pvt. Ltd
It is an IT company. It is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It is also known as Vindaloo VoIP and VSPL. It offers development services in the mobile app, web, and VoIP technologies. The company also offers best in the industry VoIP products. The VinConf: Multi Tenant Video Conferencing Solution is one of the solutions offered by the company to global customers. To know more about this VoIP product of the company, please visit

Company :-Vindaloo VoIP Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


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