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Dental Billing Company’s CEO Interviewed by Adam Torres of Money Matters Top Tips

2020-07-12 08:37:58 Miscellaneous


Las Vegas, NV., August 14, 2019 - During one of its usual podcast, Adam Torres interviewed Danielle Ichelson, Dental Billing Company’s Founder & CEO. Adam Torres asks just the right questions to get the simplest, most informative descriptions of what Dental Billing Company do and how it was founded.
Adam Torres is the Co-Founder of Money Matters Top Tips, a media and publishing company dedicated to the needs of business owners, entrepreneurs and executives. Adam's clientele includes over 1,000 business owners and he has advised families with a cumulative net worth exceeding $500 million dollars.
During the interview, Danielle Ichelson gave an overview of how she started the Company. She said, “Honestly, Adam, it was luck and it was finding my niche within that luck. My stepdad is a dentist and I was a figure skater before that and I was coaching figure skating. Unfortunately, my dad has a problem in his front office and that front office actually led him to go out of business. So, when he brought me into dental, he really taught me everything back to even processing x-rays in an old darkroom and from there, I love my dental career and I stayed in it, made a lot of connections and was able to build Dental Account At Ease”
She continued by stating that the early years of founding the company was not really rosy for her. “When you engage in business that’s not common, you’re going to have trial and error and I had that multiple times. There was a time for years that I was the only person doing everything and I was working 16-18 hours a day. But then I saw the big vision and then when my youngest son was born, who is autistic, I knew that I had to make dental account studies work and I just started investing in myself and my company and I didn’t care if I fail, I was just going to keep going.”
Adam Torres asked some other questions like what she does as the owner of Dental Billing Company etc. and she responded with lots of great answers.
To listen the full interview podcast, visit For more information about Dental Accounts At Ease or Dental Billing Company, visit
About Dental Accounts At Ease/ Dental Billing Company
Dental Accounts at Ease is a Dental Billing Company that specializes in dental billing, dental claim tracing, collecting patient balances, sleep apnea, and practice management through experienced dental consultants and dental billers. Dental Accounts at Ease is the dental billing outsourcing solution for dental offices. DAAE has some of the best dental billers in the industry and will help you gross and net more revenue!
Contact Details:
Company: Dental Accounts At Ease
Address: 505 E. WINDMILL LN. STE 1C, PMB 186, Las Vegas, NV 89123
Phone: (480) 240-0070
City: Las Vegas
State: Nevada
Country: USA
Website / URL :
Contact Name: Danielle Ichelson

Company :-Dental Accounts At Ease


Phone :-(480) 240-0070

Url :-


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