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Nuvomed Enters the $8.5 Billion Herbal Supplements Market

2020-08-08 10:41:27 Health and Fitness


In the world full of chemical consumption and adulterated foods, the need for pure, unadulterated, and neatly curated herbal supplements is on a constant rise in the USA. Day to day stress of leading a hectic lifestyle and incomplete rest tires out the body leading to various health complications. However, NuvoMed has announced a range of dietary supplements for leading a healthy lifestyle in a simplified way. These products are available in the USA across the CVS and Meijers stores.

Supplements made from the best curated medicinal herbs, NuvoMed prides themselves in providing only the best for their buyers. The products designed by NuvoMed are based on the age-old knowledge of Ayurveda and doshas (Bodily Humours) combined with the latest technological advances. These natural dietary supplements in the USA are vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and has no GMO added to them during preparations.

The in-house Quality Control Laboratories, Analytical Research Laboratories, and Microbiology Laboratories are fully equipped with cutting edge instruments and provide assurance of the best quality product for customer satisfaction. The herbal dietary supplements in the USA has a huge market, but getting a fair product is not always possible. NuvoMed strives to change that pattern by providing unadulterated and pure supplements.

The modern western medicine in the USA focuses on treating the symptom of the disease. Ancient herbal medicine, however, is based on treating the root cause and not just a mere symptom of the said disease. These ailments usually begin with stress, continue to loss of immunity, and making the body susceptible to a variety of bacteria and viruses. NuvoMed product ranges are aimed to achieve the same. They have products for Immunity and antioxidant, mind and memory, weight management, digestive care, diabetes care, and pain and joint health supplements. Made from herbs studied well over the ages, these dietary supplements are safe for use of all ages and both sexes alike.

Men and women have distinct anatomies and therefore the product range for them are equally varied. Living a happy, healthy life should not be complicated and that is exactly the NuvoMed tagline, ‘Healthy living made simple’.

NuvoMed Inc,
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Downers Grove,
IL 60515
Phone: 877-612-5619
Mobile Number: 630-754-9553

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