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Moving Company Reveals Tips to Prepare Children for an Upcoming Move

2019-12-10 11:58:28 Miscellaneous


Moving can be a major change for everyone, especially for your children. After all, your kids tend to have a difficult time leaving the things they’re used to. Even though relocating to a new home can be an exciting experience, the same is coupled with doubts and fear for them.

As they need special attention during the process, here are some ways that can help you prepare your children for your move.

1. Talk to your children about the move

Before going through your moving checklist, the first thing you should do is to discuss the move with your kids. This is the best way to prepare them for the transition. Talk about the move and make sure to provide all the information they need. If they have questions, try to answer them completely and honestly. Also, be considerate about their reactions and give them some time to accept the fact that you’re moving.

2. Keep your children in the loop about details of the move

The transition will run smoothly if you keep your kids involved in the process. Let them know the day of your relocation by writing it down on the family calendar. If they’re old enough, give them some packing tasks. For instance, you can ask them to pack their favorite stuff. And to make the experience more fun, you can provide them with labels, markers, and crayons to decorate their boxes. Lastly, allow your children to create a plan on how they can arrange and redesign their new room.

3. Create memories your children can take with them

Again, moving isn’t easy for kids. That said, it’s worth helping them make some memories that they can bring with them to your new destination. You can do it by taking pictures and creating a photo album of the places they like to visit in your old area. It’s also an excellent idea to take some videos, so you and your kids have memories to cherish when you move to your new house. While you create these unforgettable memories, get some professional help to make your relocation less strenuous. Many reputable moving companies are there to assist you with the logistics of your upcoming move.

4. Allow them to say goodbye

Always give your children enough time to say goodbye to your old home. If you have school-aged kids, accompany them to their schools so they can tell their farewell to their classmates, friends, and teachers. In addition, take the opportunity to ease your children’s anxiety by organizing a dinner party before the day of your move.

5. Help your children get familiar with their new surroundings

If you have extra money, bring your children to your new hometown before the relocation day. Doing so can help them become familiar with the new surroundings. Walk them around your new neighborhood so they’ll know what to expect once you arrive at your new home. If there’s more time, explore the place with them and familiarize the nearby amenities such as restaurants, schools, hospitals, parks, and other areas.

6. Prepare for the moving day

It’s crucial to decide whether your children will be there in your old house once the truck arrives. If you have toddlers, the right thing to do is to take them out of the house for safety reasons. Besides, moving day is the busiest day of the move. It can be safer if you bring them to a friend or a daycare center. However, if you want to keep your eyes on them throughout the transition, letting the professional movers do all the aspects of your relocation can be a smart idea. That way, you can watch over your children’s safety while everything is messy in your house.


Indeed, moving is a life-changing event. With your family working together, you can surpass any challenge that may come your way. And when it comes to your kids, keep the tips above to help them ease into the idea of moving and living to a new home.

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