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The Patio Pro Enumerates 5 Tips for Rejuvenating an Outdoor Patio

2020-07-28 05:32:37 Home and Family


Summer is in full swing, which means that it is time for you to make your outdoor spaces even more welcoming than they were in the winter and spring. The ideal summer evening means making memories and bonding with friends and family gathered around, enjoying the fresh air. However, if your patio isn’t clean or doesn’t have anything to offer, it will be difficult to find a reason to spend time out there.

Fortunately, it isn’t that difficult to bring both comfort and functionality to your outdoor porch or patio area. With an eye for aesthetic detail and some cozy additions, your outdoor space will turn into the place to be for all of your loved ones. Follow these simple tips to spice up your patio this year:

1. Upgrade Your Patio Furniture

The first way to start adding some functionality to your patio is by upgrading or getting your first patio furniture. Some of the basics include a spacious table and comfortable seating. The best outdoor dining sets will transform your space into an exclusive dining destination.

Use your goal for your patio as a guide for how to deck it out. If you would like an intimate outdoor dining area for summer nights, you may have different furniture preferences than if your ideal patio activities are large birthday party events. If you have a pocket garden or balcony, you have even more freedom as far as décor goes. The right decorative additions will call you outside time and time again.

2. Invest in Outdoor Lighting

Once you have your patio furniture picked out, you can select the best outdoor lighting to suit your preferences. Outdoor lighting is also strongly dependent on your individual home layout.
For example, a wall mounted lamp light pairs great on either side of a door. However, if your design doesn’t necessarily have a door, you may opt for a walkway light post or solar powered floor lamps.

Lantern designs are great for classically themed patios, while hanging string lights are very popular for modern designs. In the end, it always comes down to personal preference and home layout – so do what you think is best for your home!

3. Protect Your Family from Bugs

Part of making the actual act of enjoying family and friend time out on your porch or patio is feeling safe from pests and bugs.

One of the worst parts of summer is the amount of wildlife and bug life that it can attract to your home – particularly mosquitoes. Many local department stores should carry all of the necessary supplies you need to protect your family, such as bug spray and other forms of insect repellent.

Another great way to repel insects is by utilizing bug-repellent candles. The scent of these candles is always pleasant and you can heighten common summer scents like specific flowers and sea waves. The candles add a nice aesthetic while simultaneously repelling all unwanted bugs.

4. Add Some Color

Add some color to your patio by adding patterned fabrics. There’s nothing like adding some coordinated cushions and pillows to liven up the feeling of your outdoor space. Fabrics designed for outdoor use are not limited to the uncomfortable plasticky kind that withstands weather – there are plenty of soft, weather-resistant textures as well. Feel free to include floor pillows into your design for additional seating space.

5. Don’t Neglect the Floor

You’re almost finished completely rejuvenating your outdoor patio – but you can’t neglect the floor. Try incorporating a patterned or colorful outdoor rug to expertly bring all of your furnishings together. A nice rug can liven up wood and brick flooring, literally bringing your coordinated color scheme down to earth. This will create a lovely visual center for your space- you’ll notice immediately how different your patio looks!

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