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Canada Immigration Process Makes It Easier For Tech Workers to Migrate To Canada

2020-06-22 06:31:04 Legal / Law


The immigration system of Canada, in sharp contradistinction to the immigration system of USA is actively laying out the red carpet for skilled professionals in the IT sector. On the other hand, America, in spite of its desperate skills shortage has adopted a more restrictive and unfriendly immigration policy.

This has led to a sharp fall in immigration applications from foreign skilled workers. From the start of the growth in foreign interest in tech based jobs in the USA, has largely remained stagnant, according to a global survey, which is against what is the norm, considering the strong US economy and skill shortages in the IT sector. However, the restrictive policies of the US government under the Trump administration has led to a net decline in immigration applicants. Canada is reaping the benefits of this change, not just because it happens to be the United States closest neighbor, but also because it has been launching a spate of new schemes and policies that actively welcome immigrants. Efforts are continuously on going to make the Canada immigration process easier for foreign tech workers.

Canada Immigration Process Welcomes More Skilled Tech Workers

In contrast to the figures for USA, Canadian jobs in the Information technology and entertainment saw an increased interest from skilled international applicants. More than 14 percent of job applications for the sector came from outside the country, whereas only nine percent of the jobs posted in the ICE sector for US companies attracted applications from foreign candidates. The increase in international applications for tech based jobs in Canada, has grown by more than 50 percent over the last five years. This is due to both shortage of native skilled workers in Canada, and the convenience of the Canada immigration process. Canada has in the past few years, introduced many measures to streamline the country’s immigration policies for tech workers leading Canada to become a global hub for tech.

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