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Create Dental Harmony Is Now Offering Saliwell Dry Mouth Solutions to Treat Xerestomia

2020-08-11 06:11:18 Health and Fitness


Greenville, SC (July 13, 2019): Create Dental Harmony is offering Saliwell Dry Mouth Solutions, known to be the only FDA approved medical device, to help patients get relief from dry mouth. This medical device is currently available in the market for treating xerestomia or dry mouth. Dr. Lindner, working with this firm, is known as the only certified provider for this alliance in North and South Carolina.

This saliwell solution xerostomia dry mouth relief is noted as a customized oral appliance, purposely designed with the help of a microprocessor. It helps in providing intraoral electro stimulation, directly to the salivary gland. It helps in offering effective relief straight to dry mouth.

“Our Saliwell oral appliance is designed to help in increasing the salivary flow by just sending the electrical pulses of the specified patterns. It helps in stimulating the nerves well associated with the present salivary gland secretion.” as stated by Dr. Lindner, the certified provider of this product. He further states, “The stimulated nerves will excite salivary gland more to secrete higher saliva count and will stimulate the present salivation center to command the gland to secrete more liquid.”

About Create Dental Harmony:
Create Dental Harmony is your one-stop solution to deal with the dental issues suffered by patients. The team comprises of well-trained dentists, ready to keep their patients’ teeth in proper shape and also work with the optimum comfort, health and function of the oral section.

For some more details, please visit or give the team a call directly for help.

Media Contact:
Dr. Leor Lindner
Create Dental Harmony
40 Pointe Circle
Greenville, SC 29615

Company :-createdentalharmony


Phone :-864-233-4166

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