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Jay Austin Brandenburg-Nau discusses the prominent tips for good parenting

2020-07-31 01:43:36 Health and Fitness


Since childhood, Jay Austin Brandenburg-Nau always dreamt of being a therapist. He grew up listening to health-related therapist radio talk shows at a very young age. He holds a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Denver Seminary in 2010.

He is having tremendous expertise in listening and offering insightful counseling services to individuals, families, and groups. He also helps people dealing with complex issues of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and addiction, interpersonal relationships and communication, parenting and other matters.
Jay Austin Brandenburg-Nau, a true counselor, shares his insight on the great tips to be a good parent. He also explains how important it is to be connected with your kids for their better future and happy life.
Five most prominent tips of good parenting are as follows:

Carry a positive attitude all the time
There is no denying the fact that parents have to practice what they preach. Thus, it is extremely important for you to stay positive and have a good attitude towards life and towards everyone else. If you respect others then only your child will do the same. One must remember that your child will copy you in terms of behavior, nature, and attitude. Parents better are cautious.

Teach the difference between right and wrong
You have to be very cautious when it comes to teaching your child the difference between right and wrong. This is a slow process and there will be coming several scenarios that you will have to encounter on a regular basis which will help you build the understanding of right and wrong in your child. So, be patient and be alert” says Jay, licensed professional counselor.

Empower your little one
It is important to empower your child so that they can be confident and self-assured. Help them take their own decisions and actively support them in their right deeds. Allow them to control their life from an early age like using the washroom on their own, eating food without your help, and the rest. But remember to keep an eye on your child to ensure their safety when they are doing things on their own.

Communication is extremely vital
According to Jay Austin Brandenburg-Nau, this is undeniably one of the most essential positive parenting tips. Always remember to communicate with your child and listen to them to understand not to reply. While communicating with your little one, make eye contact and show gestures that portray that you care for your child. Pat them on their back for achievement, no matter how small or big it is. Share smiles and hugs with your kid very often.

Respect your child's individuality
Understand that every child is different and unique in its own way” reveals Mr. Brandenburg. So, make sure that you encourage, appreciate and respect the individuality of your child. Support them during the times they need you the most. Help them when they are finding it difficult to complete their homework or an important assignment, even if it is simple.

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