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Chance to Win up to 15% Scholarship by way of a Free Quiz

2019-10-17 01:43:21 Education


JanBask Training global e-learning has launched a short quiz that can help you analyze the depth of your knowledge in the field of Data Science and a few lucky winners can also get a 15% Scholarship.

The company came up with this offer to help its wide range of learners to do some self-assessment of their skills. Many times, individuals wonder whether or not they require formal training in a particular field or are just curious to know the level of their knowledge. For these kinds of learners, this quiz is like a blessing. All they have to do is to go to this

and register to take the quiz. It is that simple. Along with this, a few lucky winners who would register for the quiz can get an opportunity to be awarded a 15% Scholarship by the company. The winners would be selected by a random draw of lot.

We had a chance to discuss this offer with the Vice President of the company Tarun Arora. Tarun told us, "Our constant endeavor is always to help our learners grow and become more acquainted with their aptitudes. This is why we have launched this quiz offer and the added offer of a scholarship to motivate more and more learners and visitors of our site to indulge in some constructive self-assessment." Tarun also highlighted a few features of this quiz, and they are as follows-

Few lucky registrants can win a scholarship of up to 15%.
You can take the quiz for a maximum of 5 times.
You cannot leave the quiz in between if you do you will have to restart afresh.
You will be posed with ten questions based on basic DevOps skills.
You will have to select one answer among the four answers given there.
Once you are done with the quiz, your results will be emailed to you immediately.
What are you waiting for? Hurry up! Register for the quiz now and heighten your chances of winning a scholarship of up to 15%.

About JanBask Training: JanBask Training is an online training platform that is committed to providing quality online training at very affordable prices to learners across the world. All the courses are designed after taking into consideration the job patterns of the market, certification guidelines, and industry standards.

Company :-JanBask Training


Phone :-202 599 3842

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