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The Decor Kart Adds New Line of Products

2019-12-12 06:06:18 Home and Family


The leading website for online home decor items, The Decor Kart, has added a new range of products to make your home beautiful.

Table Lamps:

They offer fresh ways to bring a new style and the visual appeal to the interiors of your home. Although table lamps have been there for long, with time they have undergone something of a makeover and their roles and usage have changed as well.

These latest ones are not stuffy; they come with a great finish, display bright colors and also show the textures that you might not have seen earlier. Some ways you can use them:

If you have been thinking of ceiling fixtures when planning illumination for the dining areas, then you think or table lamps in the tight spaces. You will get a cafe ambiance if you pick one with contemporary colors.

You can pick a night lamp which comes with latest styles that look formal and make your living room ideal. There are great looking ceramic table lamps which are now available on the site for you to choose.

You might not have imagined table lamps in the bathroom. But the newfound usage of the table lamps is in these unexpected places. You can give your bathroom decor a touch of elegance and royalty. You will surely bath more.

If you have been using candles on the window sill, think of using a wonderfully reflective pool of light by placing a table lamp there. The scattered light will welcome those coming in and will give a warm feeling to that inside.

Tea Sets:

If you have a stainless tea set, you would have might felt the overheated handles. The metal is a good heat conductor and there is a risk of handles becoming too hot.

Then there is no need to keep the teas hot for long. Although stainless steel pots are good for bagged tea, if you keep loose leaves in the teapot, you would get an unpleasant taste.

Then the stainless steel is not luxurious at all even if the metal is bright and modern. The tea set will lack the traditional appeal of the porcelain teapots.

The newly available porcelain teapots give a sophisticated appearance and you could find them in luxurious hotels. These are also preferred in the best in class restaurants that offer highly refined appearance.

They don’t transfer heat in the same way as the stainless steel making the porcelain teapots easy to handle by the staff and the consumers. Although they are not that strong as the stainless steel, the porcelain is less likely to break than the ceramic pots.

However, if you choose to go with ceramic tea spots, they will offer medium heat retention and therefore are better the stainless steel pots but not as good as porcelain ones. They are not too hot to hold or over stew the tea.

You can easily find a wide range of designs as the lots of teapots are made from ceramics. But they are more prone to staining than the porcelain equivalents.

Now, if you want to see the tea inside and its beautiful natural color, you should opt for glass teapots. The very reason to purchase them may be easy monitoring of the progress of the brew and the easy infusion more precisely.

One the addition of the new products, the marketing head said “We believe in bringing the best products to our customers and will continue to add more new lines”

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