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Kid Astronaut Owns Art House To Offer Affordable Housing Options For Traveling Musicians

2020-05-23 03:01:01 Business


(June 11, 2019) – There are many musicians out there. But, only a few get the thought of helping the fellow musicians. There should be a great heart to take any such initiatives for the sake of fellow musicians. It will not be an overstatement to state that Kid Astronaut is blessed with such a thought process.

With the objective of helping traveling musicians, he has started the Art House. It is nothing, but a multi-city/continent rental option for artists and also bands that travel a lot.

When talking about this initiative, Kid Astronaut says “Our company‘s objectives include providing affordable housing options for traveling musicians, a destination luxury experience, a memorable and social media worthy house, a decorative space that draws the attention of creative‘s worldwide and a community building experience that connects and provides partnership opportunities for our guest clientele.”
The excellent thing about this initiative from the Time Traveling Musician is that the accommodation is offered to traveling musicians and artists at affordable nightly rates. So, when they have performances elsewhere, musicians have the option to ensure an affordable stay. They need not have to worry about spending huge on staying and getting accommodation in a place that will set the right mood for them during practice sessions for live performance.

Art House is just an example for one of the initiatives done by Kid Astronaut. The reason is that he has started many other companies and he has many plans in his mind to implement. Some of them are for helping musicians, who are in tough times, while some are helpful for the general public.
About Kid Astronaut:

Kid Astronaut is popular as a musician. But, he is more than just a musician. Yes, he is a creator. One day when he was traveling with his band that encompasses not just musicians, but also scientists and time travelers, their spaceship hit and portal and landed in a past timeline set back in the year 2015. During his first single, he had an association with Frank Ocean and it turned out to be a great success.

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