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KENT Introduces 3 New Commercial Water Filter Systems

2023-11-28 12:37:28 Industry


KENT, a world-class home appliances manufacturer, has just launched three new commercial water filter variants manufactured using state-of-the-art technology.

India –24 May, 2019
KENT has been a household brand in the home appliances segment in the Indian market. Consumers relate to this brand because of the world-class innovations that it offers via various products, including commercial water purifiers. Commercial establishments are increasingly demanding KENT products in order to be able to supply pure drinking water to people throughout the day. With the introduction of 3 new commercial water filter system, this brand has once again proved that it is the leader in innovative home appliances.

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The 3 new commercial RO water purifiers introduced by KENT includes KENT Water Fountain, KENT Elite Plus and KENT Elite-II Plus. KENT Water Fountain comes integrated with a 3-stage water purification system, including RO, UF and TDS Controller. KENT Elite Plus and KENT Elite-II Plus feature double purification system that comes with RO and UF to ensure that it removes dissolved impurities like bacteria and salts and makes the water absolutely clean and safe for consumption. With these 3 new variants, KENT has also ensured to retain the essential minerals, which are good for overall health.

During the launch of these commercial water purifiers, a senior product manager conversed with the media and stated – “At KENT, we have once again proved mastery in developing new-age technologically advanced appliances by introducing not one but three new commercial RO water purifiers. The sole aim is to have every single commercial establishment in the country to provide clean and pure water to their people or customers. We are confident about achieving this goal because of the incomparable performance that is offered by these products!”

KENT also offers a vast variety of other household appliances apart from commercial RO water purifiers. These include best-in-class vacuum cleaners, modern cooking appliances, air purifiers, water softeners and the likes. This brand has always been able to keep the consumer first before developing most of the product offerings. Therefore, it has been able to achieve consumer confidence as one of the best in the industry. The products offered by KENT have the highest performance standards and are long-lasting.

In relation to the launch of new products, the senior product manager further stated – “KENT has been a part of every household since many years now and has gained consumer insights that are part of every product development. Keeping the consumer in mind, we design, develop and offer nothing less than the best”

Those interested in buying KENT commercial RO water purifiers can place their orders on the brand’s official shopping website.

About KENT
KENT has established itself as an innovator, which delivers performance via its new-age household appliances. Its pride lies in the continuous flow of awards and recognition that significantly reflect upon the consumer and market confidence. KENT can reach far and wide with its global presence in millions of households and commercial establishments.

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