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Announcing Merchandise Purchase Helps Saving Lions and Their Habitats from Extinctions in Africa

2020-11-04 03:52:19 News & Society


The number of lions in Africa recently is getting decreased. Lion & Echer is a company that puts efforts to save lions from extinction by selling merchandises.

African lions are currently found in much of sub-Saharan Africa, with key populations in protected areas in Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia. Lions are the most sociable of all big cats and live in groups called prides. There are about only 43,000 lions left in the wild.The number decreased by about 43% of the previous data. There are some problems that cause this issue. The animals lose their habitats due to the increasing of human populations as well as their habitat developed into settlements, agricultural farming areas, and roads.

A study also found that approximately 86% of lions had been extinct or endangered. The percentage covered 10 of the total lion species in Africa. There are some types of the lion that were reported to be completely disappeared. One of them is The Bubal Hartebeest (Alcelaphus buselaphus) species. The same issue also happens to Scimitar-horned oryx or known as oryx dammah. However, for the second species mentioned, there is still an effort to be done to bring it back to the world.

Lion & Echer is a company that concerns to this problem. Last year, the company had partnered with a non-profit organization, namely Lion Recovery Fund to educate young generation regarding the endangered lions in Africa. To continue the program, the company provides some products and merchandise to sell. 10% of the money obtained will be spent on the sustainability of lions in Africa through two organizations that work in improving African habitats through research, awareness, and education.

The products are including Elegant Lionecher Necklace ($19.9), Rise like Lions Shirt ($23.99), Lionecher Beach Towel ($35.00), Vintage Lionecher Cap ($29.99), African Lionecher Anklet ($9.99), and more.

The products are guaranteed to be qualified and eco-friendly. The activities and selling of the products will be expected to improve the human’s awareness regarding the animals’ sustainability in the world including lions alongside with their habitats.

“Help us in recovering the king of the beast. We make our own clothing and support wild cats! We offer free shipping with orders over 35$. “ said Company’s representative.

About Lion & Echer

Lion & Echer is a company that was established to support research efforts and awareness campaigns for funding and giving solutions to the wildlife problems. There are some activities conducted by the company including, selling merchandise in the lion theme, mainly intended to support the life and sustainability of lions in Africa. The company also well-known supporting some organizations, including the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF).

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