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SAPS Ibu Bapa 2019: Checking School Examination Results Online Simplified

2020-05-25 08:29:48 Education


Parents or guardians of students of lower secondary and upper secondary schools can now check their children’s test or examination results online, which include Test 1, Mid-year Examinations, Test 2, Final Examinations, and UPSR, PT3 and SPM trial examinations.

Test/examination results can be checked through the NKRA’s School Examinations Analysis System SAPS Ibu Bapa by Malaysia’s Ministry of Education. According to the System’s portal mypt3, one can click here, so that it will display the results slip along with the marks from the student’s examinations.

Note: Public examination results such as UPSR, PT3, STAM and SPM cannot be checked through the SAPS NKRA system. However, the UPSR, STAM and SPM’s results can be checked online on the Examinations Council’s website and can also be checked through SMS. PT3’s result can only be obtained from the school.

The SAPS Checking for Parents provides results of students of Primary 1 to Primary 6 for primary schools. While for secondary schools, it provides checking for Form 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Other than the current year, this application also allows parents to check past year’s examination results.

Make sure that the checking is done after the examinations result has successfully been updated / the marks have been completely filled by the respective teachers.Please contact the school in order to know the starting date of checking the examinations result.

How to Check Examinations Result Online

Please follow the steps below in order to check results:

1) Click the following link to open the SAPS Ibu Bapa website for Checking by Parents:

2) Do a STUDENT SEARCH. Fill in the student’s identification card number or birth certificate (without the dash "-" or space), then click the “Cari” button. If the access is unsuccessful, parents should inform the class teacher for further action.

3) Next do a SCHOOL SEARCH. Choose the state, and then click the “Cari Di Sini” button to choose the student’s school. A list of school will be displayed. Click the link of the school’s name concerned.

4) Click the “Semak” button, and you will be redirected to the main menu as shown below:

5) Click on the dropdown menu to choose the examination year.

6) Then choose the type of examination that you wish to check, whether a Test, Mid-year Examinations, Final Examinations, UPSR, PT3 and SPM trial examinations and others.

7) Lastly:

• Click the “Papar Slip Keputusan” button to check the examination result slip (available in a pdf format that can be downloaded) that contains detailed result of the chosen test / examination such as marks, grades, position in class / class name / form, percentage and others.

• Or click on the “Papar Markah Peperiksaan” button to check the result analysis for all tests and examinations of the chosen year.

Hope, this SAPS online checking service for Parents can help them monitor their children’s academic performance effectively.

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