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After 4 Days On Ventilator, 36yr Old Businessman Defeats Death at Max Hospital Vaishali

2022-12-01 05:14:56 Health and Fitness


Ghaziabad, 19th May 2019: Who doesn’t like their home to be beautiful and renovated with beautiful and attractive paints, but have you ever thought the renovation can land you on a ventilator.

A 36-year-old businessman was brought to the emergency at Max Hospital Vaishali in severe respiratory distress to the extent that he needed ventilator support in emergency.

Mr. Harsh (name Changed) started renovation work at his home but slowly and gradually his health started getting affected because of the aromatic fumes from the paints that were being used in renovations.

When the patient landed up in the hospital, he was at a life-threatening stage due to aromatic fumes from paints used in renovations. We kept him on high ventilator support for 4 days and those 4 days were very crucial for us as the the patient was dangling between life and death. Then the body started responding to the medications, health started getting better and after seven days he walked out of the hospital happily, said,Dr Rajesh Gupta, Associate Director, Department of Pulmonology, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Vaishali.

Asthma is a very common inflammatory disease of the airways in the lungs affecting young children, teenagers and youth, leading to substantial morbidity. With the onset of the ailment, the airways tend to swell and become highly vulnerable to certain foreign substances that trigger the symptoms like incessant cough and breathlessness.

“According to Dr Dr Sharad Joshi, Principal Consultant, Department of Pulmonology, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Vaishali, triggers for asthma can be like house dust, mites, pollens, dander, smoke, cigarette fumes, change of season or temperature, exercise or even mental stress. Therefore, it is very important to be vigilant and identify triggers of individual asthma attacks. In recent trends, people migrated from tier-II cities are experiencing new-onset breathing troubles due to poor air quality in NCR. Considering this poor air-quality complicating management of respiratory patients, we had even advised a few of our patients to move out of NCR, as these patients were on maximum medications for their respiratory diseases. Unfortunately, in young asthmatic patients early remodelling of the airway is seen due to poor environment and leading to poor drug response.”

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