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Praadis Education is Connecting the World with its one-of-a-kind Educational App PIE

2020-07-06 01:09:24 Education


Praadis Education has launched its cutting-edge educational app that is taking the world by storm. It creates a bridge between students in India and the rest of the world. The idea to combine the curriculums of multiple international, national, and state boards in one app has created a ground-breaking solution for students across the world. Interestingly enough, globalization has impacted us all – access to information is like never before but there is one area has not been impacted as greatly as it should have been, Education.

Today, the reality is that students currently graduating are not business ready. The skills needed to succeed in the business world are both tangible and intangible. Tangible skills include report-writing or typing where the intangibles include teamwork and conflict-resolution. These skills should be developed in school and college but they are not. And this problem has a huge ripple effect on the community, state, and nation. India’s best and brightest students are offered positions in other countries meaning there is an intellectual drain in India. We are losing out on individuals that will impact the world one day. The answer to this lies in changing the education system so that we can foster these characteristics and hopefully retain home-grown talent.

Praadis Institute of Education is bridging this gap by creating content based on multiple boards. We are galvanizing learning standards for students. Access to a quality education is a universal right and the PIE app is ahead of the curve in terms of providing this equal access. Our subject experts have been educated in both the Indian and International educational boards and it is important to note the difference between the two.

International boards usually focus on a more holistic curriculum while Indian boards are focused on medical and engineering. While there has been a major push towards STEM around the world the fact is that Indian students’ curriculums are already focused on STEM. Leading global education boards such as IB are focused on a more wholesome, well-rounded, individual capable of independent and critical thinking. The holistic development of the individual is more important than any subject- specific skill. This is what PIE hopes to accomplish.

PIE is focused on the future and the future of its students. We want students to enjoy their studies and enjoy learning. It is this enjoyment that will lead to motivated learning and hopefully lead to development of our students into wholesome individuals leading productive and successful lives.

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