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Cameo Curtains Now Provides Free Site Visits

2023-12-02 05:47:20 Design


Manufacturing and installing stage curtains is a specialist business requiring skilled machinists and equipment and the ability to handle very large pieces of material. There are over 2,000 theatres and cinemas in the UK, and all of them need curtains. In the case of a cinema they may only need one curtain, but in theatres they use several different curtains for a variety of purposes. Not only do they have the front of house stage drapes, but blackout curtains, backdrops, cycloramas, flybars, valances, tabs, and more.

Furthermore, it is not just cinemas and theatres which need such curtains. They are also used in conference centres, schools, universities, libraries, churches, and village halls as well, and there comes a time when the curtains reach end of life and need to be replaced.

Cameo Curtains is based in March, in Cambridgeshire, and is a leading UK manufacturer and installer of stage curtains, stage curtain track, and other stage equipment. The company is now providing free site visits for anyone in need of curtains, track, and so on, for the purpose of advising theatre and cinema owners, schools, village halls, and more, on the optimum type of curtains and materials that will serve them for many years, and that will fit within their budget.

Cameo Curtains also provides a dry cleaning and re-flameproofing service. Over time, curtains get dirty in the same way as anything else, but they don’t necessarily need replacing. After all, why go to the expense of buying new, if the existing curtains can simply be taken down and cleaned? This is often the case with school stage curtains, because they tend to have much more use than theatre curtains and cinema curtains as they are used for daily assembly and other activities, in addition to the end of term school play.

In addition to manufacturing new stage curtains and dry cleaning and flameproofing, Cameo Curtains also provides a complete installation service. Working at height with heavy curtains can be dangerous unless you know what you are doing and have the proper equipment, so the company advises all customers to use its’ own installation service.

About The Company:

Cameo Curtains is a major UK manufacturer and installer of stage curtains and also provides a complete installation service, along with curtain track, ballet barres, and more. For further information contact John Hoffman on 01354 677 796 or email

Company :-Cameo Curtains Ltd

User :- John Hoffman


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Mobile:- 01-354 677 79

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