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Jagex Announces Record Revenues Following Old College RuneScape BAFTA Win

2021-09-25 03:06:57 Blogging & Social Media


Jagex has revealed it accomplished record-breaking monetary functionality in 2018, with income increasing by 9.3% to 92.8 million.

Profits before tax also grew to 46.eight million, representing an annual raise of three.8%. The outcomes capped off a year in which the RuneScape franchise achieved its highest ever paid membership total and Old College RuneScape's launch on iOS and Android enjoyed additional than 5 million installs.

The news comes following Old College RuneScape won EE Mobile Game in the Year at the 2019 BAFTA Games Awards. The award was the only category open to a public vote and saw RuneScape win ahead from the likes of Fortnite, Pok'mon Go and Clash Royale.

MMORPG Old College RuneScape has a competitive scene with tournaments like the Deadman Invitational, although this has observed controversies within the past.

Around the record monetary benefits, Jagex CEO Phil Mansell stated: "2018 was Jagex's fourth successive year of important growth, with our highest ever active players, revenues and profitability, all although escalating inward investment to power future development.

"2018 also showcased our method to 'living games' C sustaining deep long-term engagement by functioning closely with our player communities."

"This lets us accelerate Jagex's transformation; we have strengthened our leadership team and can continue to build on the company's talent base, we are funding new game development, developing out our third-party reside game publishing, investing in massive publishing platform upgrades, while continuing to expand our reside RuneScape games."

In 2018 Jagex also mentioned it grew its team by far more than one hundred folks, even though investment in study and improvement grew by 69%. Additionally, it announced its Jagex Partners initiative, which aims to provide live game publishing and operational services for third-party studios.

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