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Velvet Cloud Introducing Rebranded Packaging And Designs

2021-09-15 08:43:35 Blogging & Social Media


Portland, OR -- Velvet Cloud has rebranded all of their packaging and designs to reflect a more sophisticated, modern, and minimal design.

Branding tells the story of a company, and Velvet Cloud knows that. Their previous high VG juice packaging and designs reflected the fun and outgoing nature of Velvet Cloud and its customers. While some might call their previous packaging as displaying “cartoon” designs, they actually spoke to the goofy nature of Velvet Cloud and their original, delicious flavors.

Night Shift, for example, featured a star-decorated mug of coffee with a chocolate donut, while Strawb-Gwab featured an animated strawberry and guava design. Harvest Berry featured cartoon drawings of berries and Catherine the Grape featured a grape dressed as a queen.

While these designs were fun and colorful and drew in a wide audience, it was the Velvet Cloud flavors and their unique approach to creating their vape juices that kept the attention of their audience and turned them into lifelong customers.

Over time and through their experience within the vaping industry, Velvet Cloud grew from a vaping business that catered to their local vaping community to a business that caters to vapers all across the world. In 2018, Velvet Cloud moved locations from San Francisco, California to Portland, Oregon, and they have now decided to undertake a drastic rebranding campaign to bring Velvet Cloud into better compliance with a shifting regulatory landscape.

Their new artwork, labels, and packaging designs have a new sleek, modern and minimal design. These designs pay tribute to their previous designs through their colors and reflect the pure and natural ingredients Velvet Cloud puts into their e juices.

Velvet Cloud is a creator and distributor of max VG e juice that uses all natural and pure ingredients in their liquids. All of their ingredients are high quality and hand selected with no added coloring, no artificial sweeteners, are sugar-free, GMO-free, gluten-free, vegan, and use high VG juice with as little PG as possible. No “weird stuff,” just pure goodness. Their new packaging reflects this.

The boxes that their e juice bottles come in also reflect this new design and allows Velvet Cloud the space to include all language, warnings, and labeling that the FDA and other government entities require. This helps their customers stay informed on Velvet Cloud products and ensures that their products can continue to be carried by stores long into the future.

Aside from their rebranding, they have also upgraded their e juice bottles to Chubby Gorilla V3 to offer their customers the best vaping experience with Velvet Cloud.

Visit Velvet Cloud online at to see all the different flavor varieties they offer. Located in Portland, Oregon, Velvet Cloud can be contacted at Find them on Instagram @velvetcloudvapor or Facebook at /VelvetCloudVapor. Velvet Cloud is there to enhance your vaping experience and bring you mouthwatering flavors you are sure to love.

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