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Stars Expert: the World’s First Crypto-Based App for Paid Videocalls

2021-09-17 09:27:34 Blogging & Social Media


Stars Expert paid calls service is a noteworthy option. Fans and followers will be happy to videocall their favorite blogger, even if it costs a considerable amount of money. Apart from bloggers, this service can be used by celebrities, experts, doctors, tutors and consultants of all kinds. The app features a promo list called “Editor’s Choice”: famous people and popular bloggers are included without any charge upon request.

How is Stars Expert different from competing services and apps? First, it is a non-commercial project with zero commission and optional donations, while similar services based on fiat money charge from 20% to 50% of user’s revenue. Second, Stars Expert allows to set the price of the call between 0.0001 ETH (~1.5 cents) to 100 ETH (~15,000 dollars) per minute. No other service offers such a wide range. Third, the revenue can be withdrawn to an external wallet at any moment, with the minimum withdrawal amount comprising ~$1.5.

How to use it: the user registers on the service, sets the price per minute and shares a link to their Stars Expert profile. Fans and followers will be able to make calls via the app or from a browser after they register and top up their Ethereum balance (a QR-code for a quick top-up is provided). Payment is charged automatically when the call is over.

Why Ethereum? Cryptocurrencies allow to avoid high commissions and bank-related hassle. Ethereum was chosen among other coins due to its quick transactions and small transfer fee. Ethers can be quickly converted to fiat money (and vice versa) on a globally available website with an anti-fraud escrow system.

Stars Expert is currently available for Android and Web. The iOS version is in development and will be released soon.

Stars Expert at a glance:

The world’s first crypto-based videocalls service;

No commissions apart from optional donations;

Quick withdrawal at any moment;

”Editor’s Choice” promo list – free inclusion for famous people.


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User :- Julia Wunder


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