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Clear Points Messaging LLC Announces Strategic Messaging Solutions Training

2021-10-16 12:28:15 Blogging & Social Media


Dallas, TX –– As Clear Points Messaging LLC continues to work with Dallas businesses on their brand message and web presence, the company has announced that it has officially started offering strategic messaging training, both in person and online.

“Strategic messaging solutions are becoming extremely critical for companies offering software and services,” said Jimmy Epperson, Clear Points Messaging LLC owner. “If you can’t quickly and concisely express what you do in today’s market, you’ve already lost before you even started your marketing campaign.”

The training, which Epperson has developed over the last five years, will give people the ability to influentially express their messages. Clear Points Messaging uses Action Learning Engagements, which are classes where participants learn the principles of communication while working on an actual project.

Clear Points Messaging designed the training to help businesses professionally develop their teams while learning how to create messages.

“We created a process that forces you to focus on the fundamentals of communication without learning a bunch of terms and jargon,” Epperson said. “Instead we get to just focus on making a great message.”

About Clear Points Messaging LLC
Clear Points Messaging LLC serves small business in the Dallas, Texas area. Our goal is to upgrade the marketing you are already doing and using. We do this by making clear messages about your business so your audience will immediately understand what you offer them. We like to say we do marketing strategy and brand messaging. Our best work happens when we can help you discover what you customers’ true pain points are and clearly express how you solve them. Once we have a clear message to share, we help you implement it in the marketing you’re already doing.
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