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9 Billion! Yes, that’s the record searches DuckDuckGo broke in 2018

2021-10-18 09:39:00 Blogging & Social Media


DuckDuckGo did the IMPOSSIBLE and have incurred this humongous number in 2018.
They seem to be on roll! Back in 2016, they made a 4 billion search record and recently in October they quipped for 30 million search queries every single day. According to DuckDuckGo, they are on a tempo which will atomize that particular file in 2019.
Consistent enough
They have been pretty much consistent about their search records for the past few years. In fact, in 2019 they have incurred more than 25 billion searches till now as per their published traffic data.
• 34,406,841 is their current query record that has been noted on 2nd January.
• 9,239,676,317 stands as their 2018 query numbers.
• 5,915,745,384 is what they had in 2017.
This continuous growth has made them a renowned name on the global digital map. Marketing experts say that it is their deft technique of grasping any particular niche which has made them acquire such prominence. Interactive mode of advertising construed with deft digital strategies has worked wonder for them, thus providing them with such whopping numbers.
The intersection of –
1. Marketing
2. Technology
3. Management
This is the magic mantra DuckDuckGo follows. This case should not be ignored, rather followed with ardency. Their branding tactics play a pivotal role in making their marketing share grow and be strong. So, as more people search or in other words as the query numbers go crazy, SEO analysts all over the world should take a cue from DuckDuckGo’s marketing mania. It is their success in incentivizing their target hub that has swirled magic.
Already in the buzz world, the company has made sure that the numbers go high and hit the sky!

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