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Agricultural Mulch Film Manufacturer Announces To Supply Mulch Film That Can Improve Soil Yield

2021-09-24 09:58:39 Environment


Surat, Gujarat, India, December 17, 2018 – Started in 1989, Alpha Plastomers always believes in the product enhancement and diversification. This is the reason why they now started manufacturing the agricultural mulch film that has its significant application in the agriculture sector. The mulch film prevents moisture loss of the soil and limits the growth of the weed, and thus plays an important role in improving the crop production.

According to the company spokesperson, they are one of the leading mulch film manufacturers to offer an economical and environment-friendly crop production and crop protection solution to the farmers. The mulch film produced by them can have a high exposure to solar irradiation and can modify the soil temperature. Thus, it can be used to create a favorable crop production environment for a particular type of crop. With proper light, temperature and thermal stabilizers, the film can ensure an intermediate chemical resistance.

Among different mulch film suppliers available in the market, Alpha produces more durable mulch films. With a significant thickness, the film supplied by the company has an improved water retention capacity and the frequency of irrigation can be reduced. This will also help in improving the production of the crop and there will be less dependency on rain. The spokesperson reveals that their mulch film is also important for soil disinfection and also provides protection against various types of agro-chemicals.

The spokesperson states that Alpha is one of the very few agricultural mulch film manufacturers that supply completely biodegradable mulch film. Thus, it is totally environment-friendly and farmers need not to work hard to collect the mulch films after the harvest is over. The soil will be ready for the next crop, and farmers can plow the soil for sowing the next crop. Thus, this biodegradable mulch film saves a lot of time and money for farmers. At the same time, the mulch film optimizes the use of fertilizers and avoids wastage of the fertilizers.

To know more about the mulch film they manufacture and supply, one can visit their website

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