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Nevermynd invite Swedish press to global launch of BEU watches

2022-07-02 05:21:32 Design


Swedish design collective BEU says NO to tech slavery with a watch that reconnects you with people, nature—and yourself.

A Swedish watch brand is born.

When BEU Watches’ founder, Johan Ronnestam, returned to Stockholm after a surfing trip in the remote archipelago of Indonesia three years ago, he found himself fed up with the technology that was increasingly demanding his time and attempting to guide his every action in life.

“I felt I was becoming a slave to technology, and wanted to create a movement that could help restore my connection to people, nature, culture and to the power of simply being myself,” says Johan.

Over the years, as a Swedish designer, adventurer, and former snowboard professional, Johan’s driving force and curiosity have taken him all over the world where he’s developed a number of successful companies. With BEU, he wants to start a global movement that will inspire people to follow their hearts and go their own way in life, starting with the release of a first symbolic product: A watch.

Introducing the BEU Solid Series, featuring five unique waterproof watches— Solid 20 ATM in Brushed Steel and Lava Black, and Solid 6 ATM in raw Bronze, Gold and Steel.

Wherever you want to go, the BEU Solid watch series is engineered to follow. Riding the perfect balance between timeless design and enduring strength, it gives you the ultimate freedom of movement, enabling effortless transitions from business to play, from urban skylines to cresting waves.

“A BEU Watch is a symbol of self confidence, an agent of change and a reminder to stay true to yourself and the things you love,” says Johan.

BEU Solid includes only the details that really matter. A clean and solid stainless steel form. A milled, multi-layered dial with precisely cut hands and hours. Scratch-resistant sapphire glass, and waterproofness up to 200 m/660 ft. For late night adventures, the Solid Lunar Light lends a serene and steadfast glow. A masterful construction. And also, simply a watch carrying a simple reminder—to value yourself more than anything else.

Meticulously designed in Scandinavia, waterproof, and durable, a BEU watch is a constant reminder to stay true to yourself and the things you love.


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