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Ace Web & Digital Marketing Solutions Dot Com Infoway Launches ICO Marketing Services

2021-10-15 11:17:11 Blogging & Social Media


The renowned and award-winning digital marketing agency Dot Com Infoway has just introduced its new digital marketing services targeting the booming ICO sector.

The significance of cryptocurrency and blockchain development is considered as big in magnitude as the growth of the Internet itself. In fact, the pioneers of cryptocurrency and blockchain claim that – and their claim is backed by industry experts from technology and finance – the new contract-based systems are going to revolutionize the way we exchange money and deliver services and products. It is the fastest and the safest authentication system ever to have evolved.

This market has immense potential, and to tap into this potential, many technology start-ups are raising funds through the innovative ICO’s – Initial Coin Offerings.

In ICO’s investors invest money by purchasing coins and in the process, raising funds for the start-ups. These coins in return act like the shares you normally buy from your stock exchange. Their value increases and later on, you can either use these coins to do business with a start-up or sell these coins for a profit.

The ICO market is quickly flooding with new entrants. Whenever there are new entrants, it is difficult to gain visibility and attract funds, and this is where Dot Com Infoway intends to play a crucial role.

With its vast experience and access to cutting-edge market and data analytics technologies, Dot Com Infoway enjoys an enviable position compared to other ICO marketing services. It can give its ICO clients precise reporting on how their marketing campaigns are performing.

So far, even before creating a separate section on its website to promote its ICO marketing services, the company has already helped numerous cryptocurrency and blockchain start-ups get a strong holding over the net and draw their targeted funds, directly and indirectly.

“Marketing, mistakenly, is seen as an optional activity by many tech start-ups,” says Mr. Venkatesh C.R., MD, Dot Com Infoway. “Marketing, especially ICO marketing, is a very complex, specialized field where you not only have to promote a brand or a start-up idea, but also educate your audience so that it readily invests in a particular ICO.”

Mr. Venkatesh further adds, “ICO marketing takes a combination of tactical and strategic resources and expertise to give your ICO a precise positioning where your target audience understands what you’re trying to achieve, appreciates it, and then invests in your start-up. The more ICO’s you have in the market, the tougher it gets. This is why, while you focus on the technology part, it’s better to leave the marketing part to the professionals.”

Dot Com Infoway uses a blend of traditional marketing tactics and cutting-edge analytics tools to help start-ups promote their ICO’s. It uses websites, landing pages, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, press releases, email marketing, coupons, polls and contests and bounty hunting programs to promote ICO’s.

Dot Com Infoway aims to target a global clientele through the visibility it has already gained by providing premium digital marketing services to a wide spectrum of industries and businesses.

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About Dot Com Infoway:

Dot Com Infoway provides 360° App & Web solutions that turn your ideas into world-class products and help you reach your target customer. DCI has been a leader in creating user-centric and functional business & marketing solutions ever since 2000.

We at DCI manage all your IT and marketing needs, so you can just focus on your core business. Dot Com Infoway's services start right from the concept stage to span business consultation, market research, product development, multi-platform marketing and spreads through server and customer support activities.

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