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KENT Launches Next-Gen RO Water Purifiers

2023-11-29 06:20:41 Industry


KENT RO, a name renowned for its innovative and efficient water purification systems, launched the Next-Gen RO Water Purifier on September 19, 2018, much to the agony of its competitors that are still struggling to gain a strong foothold in the market. These newly launched water purifiers are equipped with an in-tank UV Disinfection feature and allow the water kept in the purified water storage tank to remain germ-free.

This added feature has been embedded in all the next-gen RO water purifiers to ensure that the purified water kept in the storage tank continues to be germ-free, even if not used. Since most water purifiers are fitted in kitchens, there are chances that the purified water collected in the storage tank may be prone to germs due to prolonged inactivity. The UV-LED acts like an additional layer of security and ensures that the purified water continues to remain disinfected and fit for consumption by family members.

KENT RO water purifier has been designed in a manner that there is simply no scope for water in the storage tank getting infected with harmful pathogens. However, keeping in mind that clean drinking water is both a right and necessity, KENT has gone one step ahead and installed the UV LED in the water tank. This ensures that the water in the tank is disinfected within half an hour of getting stored in it so that our customers have access to pure drinking water at all times.

The next-gen RO water purifier is an addition to the already existing list of water purifiers that KENT is known for. It is described as a technologically advanced and cost-effective alternative to all other water purifiers being sold in the market; this water purifier is already a favourite among buyers looking to buy a new water purifier or planning to replace their old water purifiers. Moreover, KENT promises its customers free after-sales customer service for the first four years, thus, ensuring replacement and fitting with only the genuine parts supplied by KENT as opposed to the superficial and fake products sold in the market.

About KENT

KENT is a recognized brand that specializes in availing its customers’ various products including water purifiers, air purifiers, cooking appliances, and vacuum cleaners designed and manufactured with state-of-the-art technology, thus, ensuring high-quality products and services. Led by Dr. Mahesh Gupta, a prominent name in the Indian industry, KENT is now the most trusted brand in water purifier category.

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