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Dr. Green Wins Prestigious Stukent Professor of the Month Award

2023-03-15 06:17:51 Education


Dr. Daryl D. Green was recently awarded the Stukent Professor of the Month in October. This honor is given due for his contribution in providing a revolutionary digital learning experience to students.

SHAWNEE, OK, October 16, 2018 – Dr. Green recently received the Stukent Professor of the Month in October. The award was given to him for his tireless efforts to create opportunities for the students on a digital platform.

Dr. Daryl D. Green is a respected professor whose works, researches, and scientific writings have been acknowledged both in the United States and in international level. The professor now serves as Dickinson Chair in the Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU). Dr. Green also previously served as a senior program manager for the Department of Energy for more than 20 years before he retired in 2016.With more than 70 plus books and other intellectual properties under his belt, Dr. Green has shared his practical insight in many academic journals, magazines, and newspapers.

Dr. Green believes that the digital economy plays a crucial role in today’s modern life. He encourages the current generation of students to be prepared for this digital planet. In fact, Dr. Green understands how this digital world should be taught to students for maximizing their digital learning experience. All this time, the professor has been using digital textbooks of Stukent, Inc. to give digital marketing courses to his students at OBU. Stukent awarded Dr. Green for his academic accomplishments with digital media platforms.

Stukent is a company that provides digital courseware that focuses mainly on improving education by using real-world stimulations, up-to-date textbooks, instructional resources and more. Stukent courseware—part of the educational experience for over 100,000 students to date. The courseware is now utilized in all 50 states in the US as well as 40 different countries in the world.

Dr. Green states that “The Internet is the great equalizer. If you are an innovator and creator, you can create content to promote across the global. Yet, if individuals don’t understand how to navigate this digital economy, they will be at a big disadvantage.”

For more information about Dr. Daryl Green and to have a media interview with him on this subject, visit or contact 405-585-4414.

About Dr. Green:

Dr. Daryl D. Green is a popular and respected researcher and author that has been acknowledged internationally. Dr. Green now is the Dickinson Chair at the Oklahoma Baptist University. He productively writes online blog and column. In addition, his quotes can be easily found in various media outlets in the United States include BET, Ebony, Associated Press, and USA Today. Dr. Green decided to retire from his position as a senior program manager in the federal government in 2016. For more than 20 years, Dr. Green has helped both organizations and individuals to make the right decisions through his columns, seminars, and lectures.


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