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Kurl-on introduces ‘STR8’ technology in Lucknow

2022-09-24 04:47:29 Design


Kurl-on introduces ‘STR8’ teLucknow emerges a key market hub; to expand retail presence across North India to 200 Exclusive stores in 2019
Expects sales to touch 100 crores in the Northern market in the coming festive season
Lucknow, October 12, 2018: Kurl-on, India’s leading & largest selling mattress, home furniture and furnishing brand, today announced the launch of ‘STR8 Technology’- a first of its kind innovation that provides the right balance of firmness and softness in mattresses enabling appropriate muscle relaxation and growth, much needed for the vast majority of people today, leading hectic lifestyles with very less exercise. Additionally, it makes the mattress 20-40% lighter, making it easy to use and maintain. The new technology to be introduced in Kurl-on’s coir mattresses at first, before it is gradually extended to the foam and spring mattresses as well will be a key differentiator for Kurl-on’s mattresses besides reiterating the brand’s synonymous association with quality, when it comes to mattresses.
At a press conference held in the city today, to announce the new technology and the company’s growth plans, Kurl-on announced increased focus on innovation and new technology to expand its portfolio of products that cater to the modern, young and globally exposed Indian consumer and said it plans to launch more than 125 diverse, new products and innovative technology across the mattress and home furniture category in the next two years. The expansion plans are part of Kurl-on’s broader growth strategy in the last few years to emerge from being India’s largest mattress brand, to a holistic home furniture & furnishings brand, with the category seeing a significant growth in sales in the last year. Kurl-on had earlier this year launched a range of sofas, catering to the hitherto untapped semi-premium sofa market in India.
Kurl-on will also rapidly expand its retail presence across the North India Regions to 200 exclusive stores apart from over 600 Multibrand outlets it already has across the North India regions. The retail expansion, together with the increase in product portfolio will enable Kurl-on consolidate its growth and emergence as a serious and larger home furniture & furnishings brand, besides being a leader in the mattress market.
Speaking to media after formally unveiling ‘STR8’ at a press conference in Lucknow, Mr T Sudhakar Pai, Chairman and MD, Kurl-on said “The north India region is among the brand’s fastest growing, having grown 21% of our total sales. Kurl-on has been steadily expanding its product portfolio in the home furniture segment and we have 18 product categories and SKUs at present, including the recent launch of sofas that cater to the semi-premium segment. From being a brand synonymous with mattresses, we are gradually emerging to offer a range of products and solutions that provide greater comfort at home.” He further added “Our manufacturing plant in Roorkee and Gwalior has installed manufacturing capacity of over 0.5 lac mattress per month.”
Ashutosh Vaidya, Chief Marketing Officer, Kurl-on said, “Having opened 165 exclusive outlets in the last six months and with new products launched, we are expecting a significant growth in sales in the upcoming festive season. The northern market has been growing significantly for Kurl-on and with both Dussehra and Diwali being celebrated in a big manner, we expect our sales to touch over 100 cr in these markets in the coming festival season.”
Speaking of the new product, Ashutosh Vaidya, further added, “The Indian sleep scorecard says Indians are more prone to insomnia and sleep disorders more than ever before, thanks to hectic work routines, media intrusion and changing lifestyles. We have seen the market evolve and as a brand, we have grown with our customer to provide more and better quality of products, driven completely by consumer adoption and behaviour insights. We continue with the same approach to bring out futuristic products with modern technology, designed for the new age consumer, who seeks better comfort and is willing to invest in the same. STR8 is a breakthrough technology since it not only makes the mattress significantly lighter but makes the mattress firm and resilient, thus enhancing quality of sleep, muscle relaxation and muscle growth.”
About Kurl-on: Kurl-on is India's leading brand of mattresses, furniture and furnishing products in India. The brand is available across India through 7000+ multi brand outlets, 920 + Exclusive franchise outlets. Kurl-on has 72 branch and stock points and 10 strategically located manufacturing facilities across Karnataka, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Uttaranchal and Gujarat. With state-of-the-art technology, Kurl-on endeavors to improve standards in the Indian mattress and furniture industry besides being in tune with the changing needs of Indian consumer. For more information, do visit

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