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SolSpec Helps Prevent Pipeline Explosions With Landslide Prediction Models

2021-10-12 08:13:33 Blogging & Social Media


For oil and gas pipeline companies, a quick look at recent news shows the potential danger landslides hold for their industry with the recent threats due to Hurricane Florence and an actual [pipeline explosion caused by a landslide in Beaver, Pennsylvania], which destroyed one home, shot flames 150 feet in the air and caused many families to be evacuated. This leaves the obvious question of how to prevent landslides? The good news is cutting-edge technology can deliver landslide prediction models that are both highly accurate and cost-effective.

Enter SolSpec, an aerial analytic company who deliver slip potential reports that are easy to understand and can be trusted. With a history of industry-proven results, the enthusiasm surrounding their services is high and rising, especially with the wake of Florence, where there are now threats of landslides up and down the east coast and slip potential reports are in high demand. For more information on how SolSpec prevents landslides, visit

We understand that landslides can cause potentially catastrophic pipeline integrity issues. The good news is these issues can be addressed and prevented through proactive monitoring, commented [Robert Blank](, of SolSpec. Our landslide prediction models are seeing such rapid adoption because oil and gas companies are making a big push for quality construction by contractors. This push for quality construction is driven by an emphasis on environment and safety. We pride ourselves on being experts in this field, and both the explosion in Beaver and Hurricane Florence show the real need for our solutions. We firmly believe there is no solution that compares with what we offer in providing predictive models as well as post-storm slip mitigation, landslide mitigation, or landslide prediction models."

According to SolSpec, they take a multi-tiered approach when looking at the landslide potential of an area. This includes using aerial imagery taken by the best drones outfitted with cameras and sensors, soil data which is combined with the imagery to predict landslide activity, and expert human knowledge regarding the nature of these potentially disastrous events. All of this data is compiled and run through SolSpec's advanced slip potential algorithm. After successfully detecting and identifying nearly 1,000 slips, the company is using historical data to train their algorithms to further increase the accuracy of their predictive models. This is then analyzed over time to monitor for change, so landslide potential can be identified much earlier and more accurately than could be seen by the naked eye of even an expert.

SolSpec has compared their results, which are 85% accurate to those of others in the industry, finding SolSpec is a clear leader. This has been confirmed in-field by numerous client assessments, all of whom have been more-than-pleased with the firm's services.

The company also offers the SolSpec Viewer which is software that delivers 2D and 3D views of potential danger areas, allowing oil and gas pipeline companies to respond or prepare accordingly.

SolSpec experts are always available to discuss potential projects and possible solutions with companies considering using their services or already existing clients who need more information. They take great pride in making customer communication and service a top priority.

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