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Miniature Street Art Installations Pop Up Across Los Angeles

2021-10-16 09:29:58 Design


Street artist CHAzzE’s installations and social commentary on display in tiny niche’s across the city.

Street artist CHAzzE’s work can be hard to spot –a man in a suit contemplates a monkey in a suit in a tiny crevice on the harbor, an old woman laden with shopping stares down a Bansky-esque ape in a gray lot and a businessman surrounded by concrete walls stares at the green grass and blue skies portrayed on a mini, hand painted landscape. As a preview to an upcoming exhibition at the Space Gallery, the artist has installed his miniature sculptures and graffiti masterpieces across the city.

“Using miniature sculptures and graffiti backdrops, CHAzzE’s new works are a reflection of the human plight within contemporary urban society. His miniature street art explores motifs and consequences of dwelling in a consumer based state” - The Visual Underground.

Check out CHAzzE’s installations, and be on the look-out for his tiny worlds when you are out and about!


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