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If the record sales in the first half of 2015 are any indication, vinyl is coming back in a big way. Vinyl sales in the US are now worth more than the free music services from Spotify, YouTube, and Vevo combined.

Vinyl is a direct one-to-one translation of a recorded song. It is not digital, which means the sound isn’t converted into bits and electronically stored. Vinyl, also referred to as records, is played on record players or turntables.

It’s natural to assume that you would want to get in on this trend and you can start by checking out this all in one record player that does more than playing your records. But before you can purchase a turntable, there are specific tips you need.

●     Budget

It’s no secret that the more money you have, the more you would want to splurge on a turntable, but asking ‘how much is enough or too much?’ would help you make the right spending plan. It’s important that you keep in mind that the turntable is the source of your music and most mid-range turntables don’t have speakers, so you’ll need to make plans to get your own.

You might also need to get a phono preamp since most players won’t be powerful enough to drive the speakers without one. If you aren’t sure how long you want to keep the love for vinyl going, you need to tone your spending down.

●     Features

With the many features that today’s turntables offer, you are better off knowing how you’ll be using your turntable and which features are most important – these will help you narrow your search down. This means you either want a player with a different digital music collection, or you want a turntable with a built-in USB port. With a USB port, you can convert your records to MP3 easily.

●     Manual Vs Automatic

Another feature that you have to keep in mind is: manual and automatic. This feature refers to the method used to place the needle on, and remove it from, the record. With an automated system, it happens at the push of a button while you need to lift the arm and place it on the record yourself, on a manual mode.

●     All in One

These days, some turntables come with everything that you need to play and listen to your vinyl records. All you need to do is plug it in, turn it on and the party begins. While many love that feature, others claim that the sound quality from all-in-ones isn’t excellent.

●     Space

Where you place your turntable is just as important as the money you spend getting it. Some turntables are larger than others, so these need a little more space. There are, however, versions that can be removed when you are done with it. Turntables are uniquely vulnerable to vibration. So, you need to place the turntable on a stable surface which will reduce the number of waves and disturbances it suffers.

●     Plans for upgrade

Assuming that you get hooked on enjoying vinyl records, you will need to make plans on upgrading your turntable. It is advisable that you find out what parts of your turntable can be updated.  It might involve replacing the cartridge, tonearm, belt, and slipmats – you won’t be sure until you make enquiries.

●     Research

Carry out an extensive study and listen to as many models as possible to ensure you’re not getting a useless player for a considerable amount of money.

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