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KENT Launches an Advanced RO Water Purifier with 4 Years Free Service- KENT Pride Plus

2023-11-29 11:27:24 Industry


New Delhi, 4th June 2018: The wide range of water purifiers offered by KENT has made it a household name in the country. With every new product, the company aims to implement advanced technologies to provide households with easy access to safe and healthy drinking water. The company has recently released KENT Pride Plus, an advanced RO water purifier with a host of innovative features and 4-years free service.

At the recent launch event of Pride Plus, major benefits of the purifier and the generous 4-years free service offered by the company were elucidated. KENT Pride Plus is India’s first RO water purifier which features in-tank UV disinfection technology to make sure that the purified water stored in the purifier’s tank remains germ-free. It uses the patented Mineral RO Technology to eliminate the impurities from the water while still retaining the essential minerals. This new purifier is highly recommended for homes which receive municipality, tap or brackish water.

Many homeowners in India do not invest in a good-quality water purifier due to the high annual service and maintenance charge of the purifier. KENT understands this problem and has taken significant steps to make sure that clean and safe drinking water is available in every household.

The high service and maintenance fee charged by water purifier companies is a major reason for a lot of households not buying a water purifier. KENT aims to make sure that the maximum number of households in India have access to clean and healthy drinking water. As a result, they offer a 1-year warranty along with 3-years free service on all the water purifiers, including the recently launched Pride Plus. With this initiative, Kent makes clean drinking water easily accessible and affordable. With the deteriorating condition of water supplied to households in many parts of the country, the free service is an excellent initiative by KENT to encourage households to buy water purifiers and drink clean and safe water.

About KENT
Headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, KENT is a famous healthcare products company which offers a wide range of water purifiers, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners and cooking appliances. The company is well-known for using high-end technologies in each of its products and offering them at highly affordable prices. By combining modern technologies and affordability, it provides value-for-money products which ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

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