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Buzzmove Aims to Make Removals Carbon Neutral in 2018

2021-10-15 02:46:56 Environment


One of the UK’s leading home-moving service provider, have set up a grove with Trees for Life in order to have a collective space for removal companies to offset their carbon emissions by planting trees. buzzmove, incorporated in 2014, is a move-tech company that has helped over 50,000 people move to date.

Damien Seaman, Head of Brand from buzzmove said “We are in a credible position to make a difference in not only raising awareness for both removal companies and customers but also creating a movement that is sustainable and that the removal industry can commit to for further generations. The reality is moving home is inevitable and the C02 released has a negative impact on the environment. But instead of just accepting this, we want to try and neutralise the carbon emissions released. We want to help improve the eco friendliness of an industry that is typically neglected in terms of its carbon footprint. We knew we wanted to do something about this, so we spent a while researching the best and easiest way to neutralise these emissions. It turned out the best way of doing that is by planting trees.”

A tree can absorb up to around 22kg of carbon dioxide per year – and as much as 907 kilos by the time it reaches 40 years of age. buzzmove aims to become carbon neutral, based on the total moves their removal companies generate on their site. buzzmove’s goal is to plant 2,160 trees in 2018.

To partake and be recognised as a removal company that is helping the environment, the removal company would need to make a commitment to donating to buzzmove’s removals grove with Trees for Life.

The full list of all the removal companies that are part of the green movement is available on website. Before now, the removal industry wasn’t doing much do reduce their C02 emissions. buzzmove have also got a lot of recognition for this sustainable project because of long-the term nature of the investment when planting a tree.

This project not only helps work towards a safer climate and flourishing nature through planting trees but also helps the wonderful wildlife that will grow with, in and around the trees. On top of that, volunteers from all around the world, of all ages and backgrounds, help restore Scotland's natural environment.

Trees for Life also hold Conservation Days for people who live locally in the Inverness-shire, mid-Highland or West Moray area. Volunteers take part in a range of exciting activities including tree planting, surveying natural regeneration, rhododendron bashing, collecting seeds and berries, working in our tree nursery and much more.

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