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Shadnagar in Telangana gets safe and clean drinking water system

2021-10-17 07:13:35 Environment


Hyderabad: In the endeavour to provide safe and clean drinking water to all, DLF Foundation has installed an ATOM (Autonomous Transportable Operating Module) at Shadnagar, near Namjiwada in Telangana.

Designed by WaterHealth India, a wholly owned subsidiary of WaterHealth International, ATOM is a state-of-the-art remotely monitored, mobile water purification product that has been designed and developed in India. ATOM purifies and dispenses drinking water while adhering to the ‘Indian Potable Drinking Water’ standards i.e. IS 10500. With a footprint of 200sq.ft., the ATOM is capable of delivering up to 75,000 liters of safe drinking water in a single day with an effective life of a staggering 25 years.

This initiative of DLF Foundation will positively impact the quality of life of the residents of Shadnagar by reducing both effort and time spent in procuring safe drinking water as well as reducing the money spent on healthcare. It also entails host of environmental benefits such as eliminating the need to boil water, thereby saving fuel as well as reducing carbon emission.
DLF Foundation along with WaterHealth India, will also conduct social marketing and behavioral change programs to make community aware of the benefits of consuming safe drinking water.

Colonel Prakash Tewari, Executive Director, DLF Foundation, said: “Accessibility to safe drinking water is a basic necessity. The provision of safe drinking water will help alleviate the risk of widespread waterborne diseases thereby enhancing the quality of life of the residents of Shadnagar.”

“We envision ATOM to be a long-term solution to the problem of unavailability of clean and safe drinking water. Its six stages of purification deliver on promise of clean and disease-free water to all,” Mr. Anjaiah Yadav, MLA, Shadnagar, said.

The installation and maintenance of ATOM shall be carried out by WaterHealth India.

DLF Foundation had earlier installed a water treatment system at Teekli Village, Gurgaon.

DLF Foundation, a philanthropic arm of DLF Limited, is working at the grass- root level to improve the quality of life of the underserved and economically backward communities

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