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Returning residents get duty free imports on vehicles to Kenya.

2021-10-24 09:46:17 Environment


It has now been announced that there is a high level of positive wave of relief after the announcement that the law has now stated that any of the returning residents from the country of Kenya are now exempted for the payment of any kind of taxes when exporting or importing cars from and to Kenya. However, the individuals must be able to pass certain criterion which is now actually determined by those of the officers in charge who will make the decision as to whether the individuals are able to meet the requirements or not.
As per the first requirement, it is said that the individual who is now making a shift to their residence should be from a place that is outside of Kenya and should be at least the age of 18 years or even more than that. This means that the officers in charge are constantly looking for those of the passports of the individual concerned in original. It will be checked thoroughly to make sure that the individual is indeed changing the residence for real and is not just cooking up more excuses to get exempted from payment of the duties. The officer who is processing the documentation and the scrutiny is also expected to make their additional verifications with all documents which support their claim. This includes all the necessary documents like those of work permits, passports, and so on and so forth. The second requirement is that the individual must actually be a person who has already owned and also used the car vehicle that they are trying to get into Kenya. The minimum period of use for the motor vehicle should also be at least for a period of 12 months which is a span of one year and even more than that is accepted.For more details visit

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