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VPLS Releases New Veeam Cloud Backup Solution

2021-10-17 05:35:46 Design


VPLS, a partner in Veeam Cloud Backup solutions, today expressed its pleasure in announcing the release of the Veeam powered backup solutions to its customers in a bid to support an always running enterprise. The launch, made courtesy of the always-On initiative, will see the cloud computing and IT service provider reach higher limits in satisfying its clients’ demands, VPLS stated.

This new announcement will allow VPLS to host its clients’ most crucial data and replicas on the Veeam cloud backup through its low latency networks available in over 10 locations across the world. The company said that by taking advantage of VPLS’ new launch, the former can have their data secured from catastrophic events without the need to build and manage structures that are highly capital intensive. Through the Veeam backup to cloud console, clients will be able to access as well as recover data directly from the cloud backups.

While making the announcement, the company’s Chief of Sales said that “Veeam has demonstrated more than once that it is not only a leader in provision of backup solutions but also a major backbone to the high revenue streams for our clients via the Veeam Cloud Connect.” This is a cutting edge platform suited for DRaas and BaaS, added the VPLS official. With the company’s launch of low latency network in more than 10 locations, VPLS will be in a position to extend its services to a deeper breadth and wider width across the United States and the world in general.

While announcing this, VPLS officials said that when customers host their Veeam offsite backups or the replicas on their infrastructure, they will be maximizing value by getting more reliability, 100 percent uptime security, lower latency and excellent customer service. VPLS added that clients will be getting Veeam’s best of backup technology breed. The firm expressed strong confidence in Veeam backup solution by adding that they strongly “believe in the bundled service to an extent that now Veeam driven backup and the disaster recovery solution are the center” of their larger market outreach strategy.

With the Veeam offsite replication, customers will be relieved of the struggle of getting their data backed up in real time even when under weaker internet bandwidth. The replicas are equally protected with the latest encryptions to keep intruders off, hence guaranteeing a business continued operations following a catastrophe. VPLS added that their offsite replication services are now made available at highly flexible and affordable prices. This is geared towards making the backup solutions affordable to every enterprise, regardless of their size and revenue.

VPLS boasts of a wide market coverage since they utilize leading technologies in the industry to provide its clients with comprehensive backup solutions matching the particular demands of the businesses. The firm added that is main driving force is to provide its clients with resilient, scalable and reliable cloud services powered by the industry’s top brand names. The company also offers network solutions such as high connectivity bandwidth to support the backup process.

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