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Blue Whale Head for The Skies with Drone Technology

2021-10-24 09:45:08 Design


Blue Whale Media are thrilled to be announcing our soon to be coming service of commercial drone footage.

We are set to take full advantage of the emerging technology and are currently putting our in house graphic designer through his paces to become a certified commercial drone pilot.

In just a mere few months you can expect to see the Blue Whale Drone making a mark across Cheshire.

Meet The Pilot of the Blue Whale Drone

Blue Whale Media’s in House Graphic Designer Lewis Jarvis is currently undertaking the an official ‘Unmanned Aircraft Qualification’ in order to certify himself as a commercial drone pilot.

‘Flying a drone commercially is an exciting prospect, I am looking forward to the first time I get to capture footage on behalf of a customer and seeing the different ways in which I can apply the footage I capture’ – Lewis Jarvis (Blue Whale Media Graphic Designer)

We know that Lewis cannot wait to take to the skies for the first time but first he needs to pass his Unmanned Aircraft Qualification, but why is this so important?

Drones and Unmanned Aircrafts Are Governed by Law and the CAA

Many owners of drones that are using the technology for either recreational or commercial purposes are not actually aware of the laws surrounding drone technology, or how they may currently be infringement of these laws.

If you are interested in commercial footage captured by drone technology and have approached or are going to approach a company for this service, ask them what the law is surrounding commercial drone flights.

If they have no idea or simply tell you it ‘does not matter’, it’s a pretty good indication they are not operating lawfully.

Drones Can Be Misused in The Wrong Hands

It is important to remember that drone technology was originally developed by the military and can have several potentially dangerous applications in the wrong hands. Drones are currently being used by criminals for a wide range of nefarious activities.

Recently there has been a clamp down on this sort of activity by the UK government with new guide lines and laws put in place. They restrict factors such as the height drones are allowed to fly at, the areas they can operate within and much more.

If you are interested in commercial drone flights but are wary of the current legislations around drone technology, speak to Blue Whale Media today.

You can reach us through email at: or call on: 01925 552 050.

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