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Nurturing Green’s Air Purifying Plants Range for Breathing Easy in this polluting atmosphere

2021-10-24 09:46:35 Environment


New Delhi: Nurturing Green, a well-known name in the gifting arena, promoting the concept of green gifting - i.e., gift a plant has come up with their new range of air purifier plants. This vast range of plants consisting Bamboo Grass, Anthurium, and Ficus Bonsai, is not just saving the indoors from the vicious grip of various pollution threats but are also a great source of good luck charmers.

The first to start with this purifying potted beauty range is Unpollute Duck Lucky Bamboo Grass Plant. As the name suggests, this product consists of the popular Bamboo Grass Plant, symbolizing good luck, fortune, and prosperity in the language of Feng Shui. The cute and attractive look accentuated by the beautiful duck shaped yellow pot along with the low maintenance feature makes it a must-have green décor piece for the homes and offices.

Next in the range is Unpollute Block Print Anthurium in blue coco peat pot, popularly known as Painted Tongue, Flamingo Flower or Tail Flower. This easy to grow potted beauty consisting of an exotic and striking plant with bright red flowers serves as a perfect replacement for the monotonous and often referred as useless, bouquet of flowers.
Another member of the air purifying range is the scientifically proven and NASA recommended stress-buster, namely, Unpolluted All Natural 3 Years Old Ficus Bonsai Plant in brown coco peat pot. This miniature perfectly grown and designed tree in the all-natural jute planter serves as the perfect natural gift that not only beautifies the space and purifies the air but also helps in fighting fatigue, coughs and sore throats.

Last but the most benefiting one in the range is, Unpolluted Exclusive Philodendron which is a floor plant. This exclusive plant variety available in a beautiful and elegantly designed white ceramic pot serves as a great option to beautify the strategic places of interiors with green décor. Philodendron’s ability to survive in neglected and adverse conditions is sure to win hearts of the health- conscious and nature-loving crowd.

These exotic air-purifying plants are widely available at the Nurturing Green stores in Delhi-NCR region. And to make the buying and gifting process easier and relaxing, the store also serves their customers through their website: with safe and timely delivery guaranteed.
At the launch of air Purifying plants range, Annu Grover, MD of Nurturing Green said “We are practically breathing poison! With Air Quality Index -AQI going above 500 & indoors having 2x pollutants, it harms our kid’s & elder’s lungs permanently. We have launched NASA approved Air Purifying Plants which absorbs harmful gases like Xylene, Benzene, CO2 to bring freshness indoors. And, nothing serves as a better option for air-purifiers as some of the nature-gifted exotic plants do. Taking a cue from the same, we have come up with our air-purifying plants’ range, consisting of the best sorted and designed plants are appealing a lot to people because they are beautiful, environment saving, and pocket-friendly.”

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